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Please use this page to state what you are currently working on. Keep your comments brief please.

Please also see the Community page for a list of pages that generally need maintenance after each game Update.

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Update March 22, 2018

Documentation of the game is a collaborative labor of love for all of us. If you are a new editor, there are a few suggestions for getting started.  First, remember that this is about documentation of The Secret Society - Hidden Mystery game.  Please be sure of your game facts.  Second, always review the editing history of a page before starting to work on it.  If another member worked on it yesterday, it is usually not a good idea to make another change unless you contact the other member.  Third, reach out to other editors for help in getting started.  And, if you make a big mistake, you can Undo your edit.  You can also contact an admin for help.  Only admins can delete or rename images.

Below are some suggestions for possible editing projects.  This is not all-inclusive.  These suggestions are somewhat subjective and there may be disagreement on what is written here, and also you may have ideas for these pages that are not listed here.   In any case, be sure of the game facts, and do not delete something if it can't be easily found somewhere else.

In addition to the suggestions listed here, you may edit any page to correct typos and spelling, to make it more clear, or to add new content.  Read the forum, particularly General Discussion and Questions, to see what game questions players have.  You can also help our community by pointing them to the existing documentation.  Both British and American English are used; do not make an edit to only change "colour" to "color".

The following pages need thorough review and/or some new images to bring them up-to-date with the game. Before starting work on any page, please leave a comment below.  Several of these "projects" require different skills and may benefit from extra collaboration.  For example, one editor can add or update images and another can work on the verbiage.

Picture Modes - Suggestions Part 1: Add introductory desktop photo(s) showing as many as possible of the 11 modes.  (6 regular + 4 anomalies + Curse). Add the four Anomalies to the table.  Intermediate knowledge of wiki editing, SSHM game, our Wiki navigation. 

Suggestions Part 2: Also review the explanations of anomalies and Curse mode.  Also update Pieces mode; newer pictures only have 5 sets of pieces. Easy editing, more advanced game knowledge.

Anomalies - Suggestions Part 1: Are they explained correctly?  Easy editing, intermediate knowledge of game; basic knowledge of our Wiki navigation.

Suggestions Part 2:  The table of collections that reward anomaliy banishing items is out of date.  Do you think we should continue to maintain the collections column?  The information can be found in List of Collection Items.  (If someone wants a fairly large project, they could update the collections.  Or, ask the editing community for thoughts on deleting the collections column.)   Intermediate editing.  Intermediate knowledge of SSHM game and our Wiki navigation.

List of Artefacts - Add images of the two newest ArtefactsAdd links to their collections in the table.  Advanced editing, game knowledge, and Wiki navigation.  Follow the established system of the table showing the name of the Collected Item as it appears on the Artefacts tab, but linking to the Collection name. Please follow established image naming convention.  Also, be sure the collection pages state, "This collection is currently associated with an Artefact in the game."

  • Mainframebabe; added latest two artefacts., added links for the collections in the table.

Talismans - Suggestion: Magic Crystal - explain that the first four pieces can be found in Inventory until the fifth piece is completed. Add image(s) of Inventory.  Advanced editing (image); intermediate game knowledge.  

Hiring Friends - Suggestion 1: Review explanations.  Intermediate knowledge of wiki editing and game.  Basic knowledge of wiki navigation/related documentation.

Suggestion 2: delete the confusing statements about a glitch (the maximum number of hires is 5, which is correct in the table.)   

Suggestion 3: Add newer image to show desktop after hiring more than one friend.  Intermediate knowledge of wiki editing and game.  More advanced editing skill for images.

Gifting - Suggestions: Thorough review.  Revise or delete intro Note. Needs a section on "Gratitude from a friend" gifts.  Easy editing.  Intermediate game knowledge.

Visiting - Suggestions: Needs more details on rewards of visiting and charging.  (Experience points, gold coins, special items, random collection items).  Easy editing.  Advanced game knowlege.

Friends -Suggestion:  Visting vs charging: improve explanation of gold weight; should refer to LOCI.

Adding Friends - Suggestions:Thorough review.  Revise or delete intro Note.  Easy editing.  Intermediate game knowledge.

Inventory - Suggestions: Simplify the first paragraph; move the "history" to a new section at the end.  Intermediate editing (adding a section); Intermediate game knowledge.

Energy - This is a bigger project for a more experienced editor who will also need to get input from others.  The editing community should discuss removing the table about collections which reward energy items and the talismans table.  Instead, give the reader good direction to find this information on other pages, such as LOCI.  

Strength and Power - This is a bigger project for a more experienced editor who will also need to get input from others. These two pages are duplicates, because both terms are used in the game.  The editing community should discuss keeping one and redirecting the other.  Also, the editing community should discuss removing the table(s) of collections that reward strength (power) items.

Frequently Asked Questions - Needs a thorough review.  Easy editing.  More advanced game knowledge.  More advanced Wiki navigation knowledge.

Guides - Suggestion 1: Needs a thorough update to link to pages that have been added since the last revision to the Guides page. Easy editing.  Intermediate game knowledge.  Advanced wiki navigation knowledge.  

Suggestion 2: Delete list of "Holiday Updates".  Easy editing.  Intermediate game knowledge.  

  • Only8: I have removed the link to the Getting started with the wiki page. I did not Delete the list of "Holiday Updates" changed the section name to "Updates" and added the Updates to bring the section up to date.
  • Podaci: I suggested deleting the list of Updates so we don't have to keep adding to the list. Then add links to both Updates and Timed Challenges.