The Valentines Update official loading screen artwork

The Valentines update was released on the 10th of February 2014 for iOS players and on the 13th of 2014 February for Android players. It was the third Holiday Themed update released for the game.

The Valentines update introduced a new picture, Tree of Dates; new collections; new quests; and new combining elements.  For Android players, it removed the glitch allowing them to send unlimited gifts to their friends introduced by the Christmas Update. Android players are now restricted to sending 10 collection items and 50 free gifts a day like all other players.

The Valentines update was also the third time a set of holiday timed challenges were introduced: players had a limited time period (a few weeks) in which to complete tasks in the Valentines Holiday Event. For the first time, the friends aspect of the game was included in the holiday event, encouraging players to interact with their friends by visiting them and dropping Valentine's cards into their Valentine's box by charging it. The rewards for completing these tasks, such as earning the Love Letter and Lucky Horseshoe talismans, were only available during this time period.

Valentine's Update Timed ChallengeEdit

Valentines and treasure island talismans

The Love Letter and Lucky Horseshoe talismans, won by opening the Valentines Box

The Valentines holiday event has 3 main challenges. Players had a set number of days to complete the following tasks:

  • Complete 30 holiday quests to win a holiday talisman (the Cupid's Medallion) and combine the 5 Valentines collections to create the Valentine's Amulet artifact
  • Reach Academician level on Tree of Dates to win Valentines Avatar
  • Receive 400 Valentine's cards from friends to open the Valentines Box (this was done through the visiting mechanism)

For the duration of the Valentine's challenge, Cupid's Arrow special items were needed in addition to energy points to play Tree of Dates. Cupid's Arrows were given as rewards for every successful investigation for every picture (except for Tree of Dates itself) and also as rewards for banishing anomalies, but not for playing puzzles. Cupid's Arrows could not be gifted between friends, they did not become giftable items until the release of the Tavern Update.

Note: The amount of time available for the Valentines timed challenges varied across platforms, and several extensions were given to different platforms during the course of the update.

The Cupid's Medallion Talisman and Valentine's Amulet Artifact Edit

Cupids Medallion Talisman
The Cupid's Medallion talisman was automatically won once a player completed all 30 of the special Valentines quests introduced as part of Valentine's update. The quests must be completed within the 30 day time limit of the Valentine's Challenge in order to unlock the talisman. Once the quests are completed, the Cupid's Medallion automatically goes your inventory, and can be activated from the Talisman tab of the inventory like any other talisman/artifact. The Cupid's Medallion increases your rewards for visiting friends by 20% for 24 hours once activated. The Cupid's Medallion only increases the experience points and coins earned from daily bonuses when visiting friends and the experience points and coins earned when charging friends boards while visiting them. It does not increase the drop rate of collection items when visiting, nor the drop rate of special items from daily bonuses.
Valentines collections

One of the Collections created by following the Valentine's special quests

A special decorative border in the quest list marked the 30 quests needed to win the Cupid's Medallion. Other quests added by the update, with regular gold borders, did not count towards the 30 when completed. The special 30 quests consist of 5 collection sequences of 6 quests each. The first 5 quests of each sequence are to find each of the 5 items belonging to one new collection added by the update. The 6th quest is to combine the collection. Every quest to find an item required the players to play Tree of Dates in order to win the item.

The 5 collections players gather as they complete the 30 quests are:

  1. Holiday Traditions (combines to create "Flower Petals")
  2. Valentine's Card (combines to create "Lovers Valentine's Card")
  3. Long-Awaited Date (combines to create "Fireworks")
  4. Enamored Presents (combines to create "Pair of T-shirts")
  5. Hearts (combines to create "Flower Heart")

These are the 5 collections needed to combine the Valentine's Amulet artifact, so once a player completed all 30 quests they were able to combine Valentine's Amulet artifact as a bonus reward in addition to the Cupid's Medallion talisman. The Valentine's Amulet artifact reduces the amount of Energy points needed to play pictures and puzzles by 10% for 12 hours once activated. Once combined, it can be found in the Talisman section of the Inventory and can be activated any time by tapping on it there.   The collections and the Valentine's Amulet are still available to be made by playing Tree of Dates, even if a player started playing the game after the Valentines 2014 Update.

The Valentines Box Edit


Cupid Statue in place of Valentines Box after Challenge Timer has expired

In order to open the Valentines box and receive its rewards, players needed to collect 400 Valentine's Cards. The Valentine's Box was a pink box displayed in the top right hand decoration spot of a players Home Desktop. Once all 400 Valentines Cards were collected, and the Valentine's Box was opened, it was replaced by a Cupid Statue decoration. The box was also replaced by the Cupid Statue decoration once the Valentine's Timed Challenge timer ran out.

The only way to get Valentine's Cards during the challenge was to be given them by your friends. This was done through the visiting mechanism in the game. When a player visited their friends boards they could charge their friend's Valentines box, in the same way that you can normally charge a picture, puzzle or desktop award while visiting. Tapping on a friend's Valentine's Box would trigger a small animation of a card being dropped into the opening at the top of the box. Once the animation finished, a green check-mark appeared on the box to indicate that a card had been given to that friend.

Players were limited to giving just one Valentines Card per friend per day. Charging a Valentines box (to give a Card) counted as one of your limited daily actions/charges for that friend and cost 10 Strength points, just like charging anything else on your friend's board. This meant that players needed to be careful that they had enough Strength to visit each of their friends each day and give a Valentine's Card. In order to receive the 400 Valentines Cards requirements to open the Valentines Box during the 30 day challenge, players needed 13-14 different friends to visit them and give them a Card each day. Whether a player completed the Valentines Card challenge and opened their Valentines Box depended entirely on the generosity of their friends, who needed to consistently visit them during the challenge. There was nothing a player could do to get more Valentines Cards themselves, all they could do is visit their friends and give them Cards and wait to see if their friends would return the favour or not.

If a player did receive 400 Valentines Cards from their friends in time to open the Valentines Box they were able to open the box and collect their reward. The Valentines Box contained:

  • 1x sponge cake food item (fully restores energy and increases maximum energy by 15)*
  • 1x gold weight power item (fully restores strength and increases maximum strength by 10)
  • 1x Love Letter talisman (increases experience points earned by 20% for 90 minutes)
  • 1x Lucky Horseshoe talisman (increases the chances of finding objects inside pictures/puzzles by 30% for 90 minutes)

Note: the Valentine's energy items glitch meant that during the update the Sponge cake only gave 5 energy points when used for iOS players. The Love Letter talisman was very similar in function to an ancient scroll talisman, expect it only gave a 20% increase instead of a 30% increase, and the Lucky Horseshoe talisman was identical in function to the Fortune Amulet talisman. This meant that for iOS players the only rewards for collecting 400 Valentines cards was a gold weight, a weak ancient scroll, a fortune amulet and 5 energy points. Other platforms did get the proper Sponge cake energy item, but still the rewards were very poor for the effort put in by players to visit their friends throughout the update and give Valentines Cards.

Playing Tree of DatesEdit

Tree of Dates is a special item picture - meaning it requires a set number of special items in addition energy points for each play. The special item needed to play Tree of Dates are Cupid's Arrows. For the duration of the Valentines Update (February 2014-May 2014), Cupid Arrows were given as rewards for every successful investigation for every picture in the game other than Tree of Dates itself, but not for playing puzzles. The Sphere of Miracles and Pyramid of Wonder had a 1 in 4 chance of awarding Cupid arrows ever since the introduction of the Valentines Update.

All of the quests for the Valentines Holiday event required successfully investigating Tree of Dates to find collection items needed to combine collections that formed part of the Valentine's Amulet artifact.

New Combining Elements to combine collections were also introduced with the Valentines Update. These elements are required to combine the Valentine's quest collections and some of the other new collections introduced with the update. These elements can be won for successful investigations of Tree of Dates once the picture has been advanced to certain levels.  

Christmas baubles and Cupid's arrows Edit

The previous update, Christmas Update, introduced Christmas Bauble special items into the game, which were needed in addition to energy points for each play of the Christmas Eve picture for the duration of the update. Christmas Baubles were given as rewards for every successful investigation of any every picture (except for Christmas Eve itself) and for banishing anomalies, but not for playing puzzles. The Sphere of Miracles and Pyramid of Wonder had a 1 in 4 chance of awarding Christmas Baubles for the duration of the Christmas update.

When a player updated their game from the Christmas Update to the Valentines Update, Christmas Baubles were removed from their game, and any remaining Christmas Baubles in the players inventory were converted into Fireflies, Ladybugs and Carrots.

The Valentines 2014 Update introduced Cupid's arrows as new special items that are needed in addition to energy points to play the new picture introduced by the update - Tree of Dates. During the Valentines 2014 Update, Cupid's arrows were given as rewards for every successful investigation for every picture (except for Tree of Dates itself) and for banishing anomalies, but not for playing puzzles. The Sphere of Miracles and Pyramid of Wonder had a 1 in 4 chance of awarding Cupid's arrows until the introduction of the Travel Time Update in 2015.  The Travel Time Update introduced the fifth permanent special item, Tokens.

After the introduction of the Tavern Update (May 2014), Tree of Dates remained a special item picture, so Cupid's Arrows are still required for each play.  Installing the Tavern Update did not change the player's inventory of Cupid's arrows.  Cupid Arrows can now only be won for successful investigations of Venice and Throne Room. The Sphere of Miracles and Pyramid of Wonder still sometimes award Cupid's arrows since they are still needed to play Tree of Dates. 

Glitches Fixed by the Valentines Update Edit

Android unlimited gifting Edit

The Christmas Update introduced a glitch into Android games that removed all gifting limits. This meant that Android players could give unlimited numbers of free gifts (combining elements) that did not come from their inventory to their friends, as well as give unlimited collection items that did come from their inventory. The Valentines Update removed this glitch, and re-imposed normal gifting limits to android players. Android players are now, once again, restricted to 1 free gift per friend per day up to a maximum of 50 friends, and 10 collection items per day like all other players on other platforms.

Problems with the Valentines Update Edit

Increased Server Overload Problems Edit

As with all large updates released for the game, the Valentines Update caused an overload in the games servers during peak times for a couple of days immediately following the release of the update on any platform. During this time players may encounter problems visiting and gifting, and be given a "Failure to connect to the servers." error message when trying to interact with the Friends portion of the game. The servers normally go back to normal after a couple of days once all players on that platform have downloaded the new update, however this was not the case with the Valentines Update. Server problems persisted for the duration of the Valentines timed challenges due to increased traffic directly as a result of the challenge itself.

The Valentines Box challenge required friends to visit each other in order to give out Valentine's Cards. This resulted in more players using the Friends portions of the game than during normal play. The increased activity on the servers caused serious server overload problems for the duration of the challenge. This meant that friends were not able to visit each other for large portions of each day, and hence could not give out Valentines Cards.

Energy Item value glitch for iOS players Edit

Many holiday themed updates bring their own versions of normal energy items that give slightly higher energy points than their regular energy item counterparts. The Valentines Update introduced a number of new energy items that were given as rewards for combining Valentines collections; for leveling up the Tree of Dates picture; and as part of the rewards given out by the timed challenges. During the update these items were available to purchase for crystals (obtained by spending real money) in the shop.

A glitch in the in iOS version of the Valentines Update meant that these items did not give out the correct amount of energy points when used. Instead they would only increase a players energy by 4-5 points.

Regular Energy Item Energy Reward when used Valentines Equivalent Energy Item Expected Energy Reward Actual Energy Reward
Cappuccino +30 energy points Cocktail +36 energy points 4-5 points
Ice Cream +50 energy points Cake +60 energy points 4-5 points
Donut +100 energy points Zephyr +120 energy points 4-5 points
Lunch Box +150 energy points Roll Cake +180 energy points 4-5 points
Energy Drink +250 energy points Yogurt +300 energy points 4-5 points
Dinner Fully restores energy + increases max energy by 10 points Sponge Cake Fully restores energy + increases max energy by 15 points 4-5 points

Gem Match Unlocking Glitch Edit

Games initially downloaded after the Valentines Update was released until the release of the Tavern Update (games downloaded after early February 2014 until May 2014) contained a glitch making it is impossible to unlock the Gem Match puzzle through normal game play. For the 4 months of the Valentines Update, the only solution was to unlock the puzzle by paying with 40 crystals. The Tavern Update fixed all games containing this glitch.

Once a new player reaches level 7, Gem Match is unlocked. The picture of the padlock on the Gem Match puzzle changes from a closed padlock to an open padlock. To open the game you need to find 5 puzzle pieces, each one looks like a square orange gem. To do this, you need the quest to find the pieces to start. This quest does not automatically start when you reach level 7 and the padlock becomes unlocked. You must work through your current quests until the quest is triggered. The quest that appears in the quest list on the left hand side of your Home Desktop has a picture of a square orange gem as its icon. Pressing this icon will open the quest and show the quest's instructions. The quest is called 'The Fourth Puzzle' and is to find 5 square orange gems called 'Pieces of the "Gem Match" puzzle'. Once the quest is active (as soon as it appears on your list, you do not need to open it to activate it) these pieces will suddenly become available to win in every picture in the game, except for Tree of Dates.

Opening the Research Window for any picture (by pressing the picture icon on your Home Desktop) and looking through the 'Can be Found' list (directly above the green 'Research' button, use arrows to scroll) you will see the Gem Match Piece is available to win in every picture at every game level and in every game mode (except for Tree of Dates, the pieces will not be in this picture because the picture was not released until after the puzzle). Playing any of these pictures successfully will potentially give you a piece of the Gem Match puzzle as a reward for the successful investigation. It may take many attempts to collect all 5 pieces, as you are never guaranteed to win any one item when you successfully complete a picture. What the reward items are is always down to chance.

By playing pictures you will eventually find all 5 puzzle pieces. When this happens, the quest to find the pieces will complete. As soon as the quest completes, it will no longer be possible to win a piece of the Gem Match puzzle anywhere in the game. They will no longer appear in any 'Can be Found' lists.

What is supposed to happen at this point is that you can now open the game using just 14000 coins, as you have all 5 puzzle pieces. This is how you open every puzzle in the game.

However, the glitch in the Valentines Update caused the 5th puzzle piece to disappear after a player finds it an completes the quest. It did not go into the players inventory, but instead disappeared from the game. Players would only find 4 puzzle pieces in the 'Different Tab' of their inventories. Because the quest has completed, the puzzle pieces disappear from the 'Can be Found' lists of all pictures, and it becomes impossible to win another puzzle piece and bring the total back up to 5. Because the player only has 4 pieces when their try and open the puzzle (instead of the required 5), the game tells them they need to buy the 5th piece for 40 crystals. It is normal for the game to offer a way to buy missing puzzle pieces or missing picture pieces if you want to open a picture or puzzle early. This is the message you would see if you were working through the quest but decided you wanted to play the game now and not wait until you find all the pieces. The glitch was the disappearing 5th puzzle piece, not the request to spend crystals.

  • Gem Match: missing puzzle piece notification
  • Gem Match - 4 puzzle pieces in 'Different' tab of Inventory

The Valentines Box Challenge Edit

The Valentines Box challenge was the first challenge in the game that relied entirely on friend-friend interactions. In order to open the Valentines Box players needed their friends to give them 400 Valentines Cards by visiting them. This meant that players were completely reliant on other people to determine whether or not they would complete the challenge. Players could not achieve the reward based on their own hard work and game play. The challenge required players to visit each other, however the games servers could not handle all players visiting each other, resulting in the servers becoming over loaded. This meant that players could not physically visit each other and give out Valentines Cards and many Cards that were sent not registering in the recipients box, resulting in many players not completing the task even with large numbers of friends willing to give them cards. The rewards for the challenge were below par for other timed challenges, amounting to a gold weight (which would not recoup the amount of strength players needed to spend to give out Valentines Cards over the course of the challenge); two talismans that were the equivalent to (or lesser than) easily obtained talismans in the game; and an energy item that was supposed to be similar to a dinner and restore full energy but for the vast majority of players just gave them 5 energy points (which players could get simply by not playing the game for 15 minutes). With a difficult task that was crippled by poor server performance and lack luster rewards, the Valentines Box challenge was a disappointment and arguably a complete failure.

Mode dependent items won a play early Edit

Originally introduced by the Valentines Update and still present in the April 2015 Spring Update, this glitch results in mode dependent items being won when playing a picture the game before the picture changes into the right mode for those items.

Some items in the game can only be found when playing (any) picture in a certain mode. For example, the items from the Venetian Masks collection can be won when playing a picture in Text mode. This glitch means that a player might win an item from the Venetian Masks collection in any mode, as long as the next mode in that picture is Text mode. This means that players could potentially win an item from the Venetian Masks collection in any other mode (e.g. Night mode) as a result of the glitch.

Confusingly, the Venetian Masks items will then still appear in the 'Can be found' list for the picture in the following play of the picture as normal (in Text mode, which they are supposed to be won in), but an item from the Venetian Masks collection will only be won in that subsequent play if the next mode after that play is also Text mode (i.e. Text mode repeats), otherwise items from a different mode dependent collection may be won instead.

You can tell which mode will come next in a picture by looking at the items won during the current play, as if any item from a mode dependent collection is won, then that mode will be the next mode in the picture.

The mode dependent collections are listed below, along with the mode that they should be available to win in (before this glitch changed it to the play before the correct mode appears):

Collection Name When items become available to win Reward for Combining
Venetian Masks Text mode The average weight x1
Italian Cuisine Silhouette mode Explorer's Eye x2
Ghost Town (Collection) Night mode Lantern x2
Polar Fauna Morphs mode Time Machine x5
Amusement Park (Collection) Pairs mode Dynamite x5
Wishmasters Pieces mode Torch x4
Grandmother's Needlework Banish/Research "Scroll Eater" anomaly Talisman Chest x1
Voodoo Magic Banish/Research "Ghostly Mirror" anomaly Dinner x1
Poker Combinations Banish/Research "Mystic Smoke" anomaly Tool Case x1
Photographer's Things Curse mode Lucky Dog's Chest x1
Animal Tracks Banish/Research "Lost Time" anomaly Lunch Chest x1