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Treasure Island in text mode.

The Treasure Island update was released on the 10th of September 2014 for iOS players and on the 19th of September for android devices (release still pending for all other platforms).

The Treasure Island update introduced a new picture, Treasure Island, 16 new collections, and 100 new quests.

The Treasure Island update was the second non-holiday themed update that contained time sensitive challenges.  The update is unique in that it is the only update to contain a timed challenge where no quests were involved in the challenge. Although the update introduces 100 new quests to the game, you do not have to complete any of them during the timed challenge in order to receive the reward.

The update contained a challenge to collect 400 butterflies within a time limit of 23 days. Successful completion of the challenge unlocked a new avatar for players to use and rewarded them with 3 once off talismans, 2 chests, and a charmed dinner, which is similar to the dinner energy item (but adds extra energy to maximum energy when used).

Treasure Island Update EventEdit

Treasure islan complete real

The 23 day butterfly challenge

The Timed Challenge RequirementsEdit

Treasure Island Update Butterflies
The Treasure Island update contained a 23-day challenge to find 400 butterflies.

Butterflies can only be found when the "Handheld butterfly net" talisman is activated. The butterfly net talisman can be found as a reward for a successful investigation of any picture or puzzle in the game. It can be activated from the talismans section of the inventory.

Treasure Island Update Butterfly net

Players can only win Butterflies while the Handheld Butterfly Net Talisman is active

Once activated the talisman lasts for 10 minutes, and during this time butterflies can be won as a reward for the successful investigation of any picture or puzzle. The talisman continues to run down even during picture/puzzle investigations, however if you start an investigation/game with time left on the talisman and it runs out mid-investigation you may still win butterflies upon successful completion,

In order to win the challenge, players must collect 80 each of 5 different butterflies - yellow; purple; green; blue and red.

Butterfly Number To Collect
Treasure Island Update Butterfly yellow
Treasure Island Update Butterfly purple
Treasure Island Update Butterfly green
Treasure Island Update Butterfly blue
Treasure Island Update Butterfly red

Timed Challenge RewardsEdit

Once all butterflies are collected, the player receives the following rewards:

Reward Description
Treasureisland avatar thumb
Island Girl Avatar
A new avatar for players to use in the game
Treasure Island Update Parchment Truth
Parchment of Truth talisman
Increases experience points for investigating pictures by 100% for 3 hours
Treasure Island Update Lucky coin
Lucky Coin talisman
Increases your chances of finding an object inside pictures by 90% for 3 hours
Treasure Island Update Golden Antelope
Golden Antelope
Five times the energy restoration speed for 120 minutes
Treasure Island Update Butterfly Charmed Dinner
Charmed dinner energy item
Fully restores energy and increases maximum energy by 20 points
Chests Collectors Chest
Collector's chest
Contains 30 collection items
Chests Anomaly Chest
Anomaly chest
Contains 10 of each item needed to banish anomalies
Treasure Island Update Butterfly net
Left over "Handheld Buttery Fly Net" talismans
Increases your chances of finding an object inside pictures by 20% for 1 hours

Once a player has completed the challenge, all remaining "handheld butterfly nets" in their inventory convert into luck talismans. Once activated they increase the odds of finding items after a successful completion of a picture or puzzle by 20% for 1 hour.

Other Changes Made by the Treasure Island UpdateEdit

The Gift Box Crash FixEdit

Changes in how the game displayed Facebook avatars made by the Tavern Update led to a problem for many players on iOS devices. Some Facebook avatars could no longer be displayed by the game, causing the game to crash whenever a picture failed to load. This mostly affected the gift box, since a players avatar is displayed next to the gifts they send. This would cause a game to crash every time you tried to access a page of the gift box that contained a gift that had a problem avatar associated with it. This issue only affected iOS devices, as android devices were able to display a black box if they could not load the avatar, meaning the game would not crash even if a gift with a bad avatar was in the gift box.

The Treasure Island Update has fixed this issue with displaying avatars, so once a player has downloaded this update they will be able to access gifts that had previously caused their game to crash and new gifts from the same friend will no longer cause game crashes.

New Game LevelEdit

An eight picture/puzzle level was added to the game - Professor. This level has a blue border, corresponding with the blue colour scheme added with level 8 of the desktop awards.

Visiting ResetEdit

The game no longer returns to the first page of your friends after visiting a friend. This glitch had originally been fixed by the Valentines Update, but was later re-introduced by the Tavern Update before the Treasure Island update fixed it again. The greyed out button if all charges are used for a friend that day introduced by the Tavern update remains.

Down Update Gifting Coin GlitchEdit

The gifting glitch introduced by the Tavern update, where gifts sent from a player using the Tavern update to a friend using an earlier version of the game would be converted to coins, has been fixed by the Treasure Island update. Players who have the Treasure Island update can gift players using any other version of the game, and the correct gifts will be sent.

Fortune Talisman Power Reduction Edit

Prior to the Treasure Island update, activating a Fortune Talisman would give you a 25% increase in the odds of winning items for 30 minutes. The Treasure Island update has reduced the strength of the Fortune Talisman, which now only gives a 10% increase in the odds of winning items for 30 minutes when activated.

Tavern Collections giftingEdit

During the Tavern update, 8 collections from the new collections added by the update behaved differently than all other collections when it came to gifting. Although these collections had plus signs next to them, allowing players to add them to their wish list, they did not appear in the "send a gift" tab in the gifting window like all other items with plus signs, meaning they could only be sent to a friend if they were on that friends wish list.

The Tavern update fixed the glitch where sending the last of a collection item by pressing the icon in a friends wishlist did not send the gift successfully (the item was not deducted from the players inventory and the friend received the first item in the senders inventory instead, usually a low level collection item like a book or coin). However, a variation on this glitch remained for those 8 collections alone. If a player tried to send one as a gift and they only had one in their inventory, it was not deducted from their inventory, and instead the friend receive a blank gift (no gift icon). Accepting the empty gift gave the friend 1 experience point. If a player had more than one of the item in their inventory, then the gift would be sent successfully to the friend, however it would not be deducted from the senders inventory, making it a free gift (although it still counts towards the players 10 a day gifting limit for collection items).

The Treasure Island update fixed these 8 collections, so that they behaved like any other giftable collection. The items from these collections that a player has in their inventory now appear in the "send a collection item" tab of the gifting window, and sending the item to a friend regardless of how many you have in your inventory works from both the wishlist and from the "send a collection item" tab. Any items sent to a friend will now be deducted from the senders inventory, like any other collection item.

Players who have not installed the Treasure Island update will not have these collections fixed, even if they are sending gifts to updated players, and so should avoid sending any item from those 8 collections if they only have one of them in their inventory until they can update to the Treasure Island update. Sending an item that an un-updated player has more than one of still works as a free gift, and is still not deducted from their inventory. The collections are:

Friend List re-shuffleEdit

The Tavern update re-ordered players friends list, so that they were reversed. The Treasure Island update has reversed the friends list again, essentially putting them back in the order they were in before the Tavern Update

Problems with the Treasure Island UpdateEdit

Visiting LimitEdit

The Treasure Island update has introduced a visiting glitch to players, limiting how many friends they can visit in one day. Depending on a players reputation level, they may charge between 5 and 10 different pictures/puzzles/awards on each of their friends home desktops each day, providing they have sufficient strength to make the charges. With the Treasure Island update, players are limited to 51 charges total across all their friends, after which they will receive the following message:

"You have reached the limit of actions with this friend. Come back tomorrow"

This is the error message normally seen if a player attempts to charge a friends picture/puzzle/award when they have no charges left for that friend for that day. However, with the Treasure Island update this happens regardless of how many charges the player has left for that particular friend that day, or how much strength they have left, once they reach the 51 limit.

This is a glitch, and not a purposeful limit placed on the visiting aspect of the game by the update. In order to reset the 51 charge limit, a player can fully exit the game and then re-enter it again. At which point they will be able to make 51 more charges before receiving the error message again. Players with large friends lists, or those with high reputation levels allowing them 10 charges per friend per day will need to exit the game and re-enter it many times in order to complete their visiting.

Collections sorting issuesEdit

Prior to the Treasure Island update, the collections tab of the game had 2 sorting modes. When the collections tab was unsorted, the collections appeared in the order they were introduced to the game (the order of the List of Collections and List of Collection Items here). The original collections from when the game was released are listed first in order of low level collections through to high level collections, followed in turn by the collections added by the first update to the game ordered from lower level collections to higher level collections, followed by collections from each subsequent update all ordered in the same manner within their group.

When sorting was enabled, the game sorted the collections based on three criteria:

  1. First the collections were sorted based on how many items from that collection a player had. Collections that a player had all 5 items for were listed first, collections that a player only had 4 of the 5 items for were listed next etc. and the collections a player had no items for were listed last.
  2. Within in this sorting by number of items, the collections that a player had all 5 items for were arranged based on whether the player could combine them when they opened the collections tab (or clicked the sorting check box). That meant collections where the player had enough of each combining element required to combine the collection were listed first and collections where the player did not have enough combining elements to combine were listed next. Note: this sorting was based on the moment the collections tab was opened or sorting check box was pressed, meaning if a number of collections required the same combining elements to combine they would all be listed first together if the player had the right number of combining elements for each of them before they started combining collections. If the player used up all of the required combining elements for one collection while combining another, it would not automatically move to the end of the list with the other complete collections that could not be combined yet, but instead the combine button would change from green to brown to indicate that the collection could not be combined. Scrolling past these collections, a player might still find more collections ready to combine (green combine button) if they required different combining elements that were still available to the player. If a player exited and the collection tab and re-entered, or toggled between "sorted" and "unsorted" using the check box at the bottom of the tab, the collections would be resorted, and those collections that could no longer be combined would then move below those that could be combined.
  3. Finally, within the groups of collections (collections with all 5 items that can be combined; collections with all 5 items that cannot be combined; collections with 4 items etc.) the collections were sorted in the order they were introduced to the game, with lower level collections listed first.

Once a player installs the Treasure Island update, the unsorted order of collections remains the same as before the update (only with the Treasure Island collections added to the end in order of lower level collection to higher level collection). However, when the sorting is enabled, the game no longer uses the three criteria previously used to sort collections.

This results in collections appearing in a disjointed order when sorting is enabled. Collections that can be combined are mixed in with collections that cannot be combined. The rudimentary new sorting appears to follow the order you find items when investigating pictures (so the first collection you get the 5th item for appears at the top of the list, followed by the next collection you find the 5th item for) and within this items may be sorted based on the number of combining elements required to combine the collections and the level of those combining elements. There also appears to be a delay after a collection is combined (and cannot be combined again) before that collection leaves the top of the sorted list. Meaning collections that you have 4 or fewer items for may appear above collections that you have 5 items and all combining elements for and are ready to combine. This makes finding collections you can combine very difficult and time consuming.

Memory Usage OptimisationsEdit

The Secret Society game takes up a lot of disk space on players devices and is also very demanding in terms of device memory (RAM). The Treasure Island update promised to optimise the game, in order to reduce it's memory load and improve performance across a range of devices. These fixes would be most beneficial to players using older iOS devices, which have much smaller amounts of RAM than newer iOS devices, or any android devices currently on the market.

Players who have updated have reported that the game has in fact slowed down in terms of performance instead of having improved performance as promised. For example, collections take longer to combine, pictures take longer to open, and talismans take longer to activate with the Treasure Island update than they did with the Tavern update.