Tools in Inventory 6

There are 6 tools available to use when investigating pictures and puzzles. Each tool's function remains the same for every picture in every available mode, but some do vary in puzzles.

Tools may be available to win after a successful investigation of certain pictures. Tools can also be won as a reward for combining certain collections. If you are stuck, tools can be bought in the shop for either crystals or coins.

Types of ToolsEdit

There are currently 6 tools available in the game:

  1. Explorer's Eye
  2. Compass
  3. Dynamite
  4. Torch
  5. Lantern
  6. Time Machine

Some tools, such as the Torch and Lantern can only be used in certain Picture Modes. Other tools, such as the Explorer's Eye, may have different functions in Puzzles than in Pictures.

Tools can be won for successful investigations of Pictures and Puzzle games. They can also be rewards for combining collections, and for achieving certain awards. Tools can also be bought in the shop for both coins and crystals.

Tools during Picture investigationsEdit

Explorer's EyeEdit

Explorer’s Eye
In all game modes, the Explorer's Eye tool will point out 1 object when used. The object will light up for a few seconds after the Explorer's Eye finds it.
  • Compass pointing to Eagle Statuette in Crashed Plane
  • As the compass gets close to the Eagle Statuette, the item lights up and the compass needle starts to spin.

In Night Mode the Explorer's Eye will point to an object even if it is in a darkened portion of the picture. The object will light up revealing its location, and you can tap the object to find it without moving the light circle to its location.

The Explorer's Eye tool will simultaneously point out and light up both objects in a pair if used in Pairs mode.


Compass inventory

In all Picture modes, the Compass tool will point to an object on the list of items to be found for 30 seconds.

You can move the compass around the picture. As the compass gets close to the object it is pointing at that object will light up. When the compass is on top of the object, the compass needle will spin around.

In Night mode, if you place the compass within the light circle, the light circle will move with the compass as you move it around the picture. Note: The Spring 2015 update has removed this feature from the game, and you can now no longer move the light circle and the compass at the same time. You must move them separately.

In Pairs mode, the compass tool will light up both pairs when you drag it close to one object in a pair. When you press one of the pairs the other will stop being illuminated, so it is better to press the second object in the pair, not the one the compass is pointing to first to save time when looking for pairs. If you press the first object in the pair being pointed at by the compass first, the compass will then point towards the second pair until you miss tap or find it.


Torch inventory

The torch can only be used in Night mode. The Torch lights the entire picture for 35 seconds


Lantern inventory

The Lantern can only be used in Night mode. The lantern doubles the light circle radius for 30 seconds.

Buddhas Square night2

Lantern being used in night mode in Buddha's Square to increase the size of the light circle


Dynamite inventory

In all Picture modes, the dynamite tool will remove up to 3 objects from the picture at a time.

In Pieces mode the dynamite will only remove pieces of the object you are currently looking for, so if you only have 1 or 2 pieces of that object remaining, the dynamite will only remove those pieces and not any pieces of the next object you must find. This is also true for researching a picture with the scroll-eater anomaly. The dynamite will only remove the current item listed, as only one item is listed at a time.

Time MachineEdit

Timemachine inventory

In all Picture modes, the Time Machine tool will add 45 extra seconds to your time limit.

Tools during PuzzlesEdit

Some tools will have slightly different functions in Puzzle games than they do in Picture investigations, and not all tools are available to use during Puzzle games:


There are two tools available to use while playing Blocks.

  • Using a Time Machine in Blocks will add 45 seconds to the timer.
  • Using an Explorer's Eye in Blocks will remove a random brown block from the game board.



The Explorer's Eye reveals all the images in Memory Match for 3 seconds

There are two tools available in to use in Pipes.
  • The Time Machine adds 45 seconds to the game timer.
  • The Explorer's Eye will randomly rotate either one or two blocks into its correct position.

Memory MatchEdit

There are two tools available to use in Memory Match.

  • The Time Machine adds 45 seconds to the game's timer.
  • The Explorer's Eye overturns all cards revealing their images for 3 seconds.

Gem MatchEdit

There are two tools available to use in Gem Match.

  • The Time Machine will add 45 seconds to the game timer.
  • The Explorer's Eye will randomly remove one yellow border from the game board.

Finding ToolsEdit

Some tools can be given as rewards for successful investigations of pictures. All tools can be won as rewards for combining collections or achieving certain awards in the game. Occasionally, you will receive a tool as a random thank you gift from a friend. Below is a list of collections that reward tools, the item created, number of tools rewarded, coins and Artifact association.  See the individual collection pages, List of Collections, List of Collection Items, and List of Combining Element Requirements for more information. For full award information see the List of Award Levels.

Collections that reward ToolsEdit

Collection # Collection Name Item created Tool Coins Artifact
2 Wisdom of the Library Book Set Compass x1 750 Money Tree
5 A Set of Toy Soldiers Toy soldiers Compass x2 1500 Money Tree
6 Stargazer's Artifacts Observatory model Explorer's Eye x1 1750 N/A
13 Dark Dwellings "Dark Dwellings" book Torch x1 3500 Symbol of Success
14 Athlete's Equipment Soccer Trophy Compass x2 3750 Magister's Amulet
15 Exotic Eggs Phoenix Egg Lantern x1 4000 N/A
17 Honorary Medals Medal Collection Time Machine x2 4500 N/A
18 Ancient Arsenal Assembled Arsenal Compass x3 4750 Time Talisman
19 Birds of Paradise Canary Cage Compass x3 5000 N/A
20 Assortment of Sweets Box of Chocolates Explorer's Eye x2 5250 N/A
23 Beautiful Music Music Award Time Machine x3 6000 Magister's Amulet
25 Virtuous Armor Golden Knight Lantern x2 6500 Magister's Amulet
29 Instruments of Time Hourglass of the Order Explorer's Eye x3 7500 Time Talisman
33 Law and Order Police Officer Statue Dynamite x5 8500 N/A
38 Italian Cuisine Pizza Explorer's Eye x2 1500 N/A
39 Ghost Town (Collection) Dead Man's Treasure Lantern x2 2000 N/A
40 Polar Fauna Reindeer Time Machine x5 2500 N/A
41 Amusement park Rollers Dynamite x5 3000 N/A
42 Wishmasters Falling star Torch x4 3500 N/A
48 Sunshower Mushroom soup Time Machine x5 9500 N/A
50 Tarot Cards Fool Dynamite x5 10000 N/A
52 Music Boxes Ballerina Lantern x5 10000 N/A
54 Princess's Things Gold princess Torch x5 10000 N/A
77 Weapons against monsters Arsenal against monsters Explorer's Eye x5 15000 N/A
79 Charging device Accumulating rotor Compass x5 15500 N/A
81 The set of the traveling Traveler's Backpack Lantern x2 16000 N/A
83 Wooden toys Wooden box Dynamite x2 16500 N/A
85 Vinyl records Classical music Time Machine x2 17000 N/A
87 Wooden dinnerware Complete set Torch x2 17500 N/A
93 Cowboy's clothes Complete cowboy outfit Explorer's Eye x7 19000 N/A
95 Cowboy's weapons Complete cowboy kit Compass x7 19500 N/A
97 Paper origami Origami "Heart" Dynamite x4 20000 N/A
122 Fairy tale animals Set of fairy tale animals Explorer's Eye x8 10000 N/A
126 Keyboard instruments Pipe organ Lantern x5 5000 N/A
127 Geniuses of poetry Bust of William Shakespeare Compass x5 5000 N/A
131 Sights of Seoul Seoul guidebook Dynamite x5 5000 N/A
132 Exotic fruits Fruit basket Torch x5 N/A N/A
134 London gentleman Figure of a gentleman Explorer's Eye x5 15000 N/A
154 Colored chalk Set of Colored chalk Time Machine x5 5000 N/A
159 Convenient boxes Wooden box Explorer's Eye x3, Money bag x1 N/A N/A
162 Sting operation Composition notebook Compass x2, Fortune Talisman x1 N/A N/A
171 Aromatic coffee Ristretto Torch x3 7500 N/A
172 Purebred cats Siberian cat Time Machine x2 10000 N/A
177 Potion of the present Crystal clear potion Dynamite x3 N/A N/A
181 Storage of the grimoire Lectern Time Machine x2 N/A N/A
184 Family doctor Medicine chest Lantern x2 N/A N/A
187 Varicolored sticky notes Container for sticky notes Torch x1 N/A N/A
190 Christmas decorations Sprig of mistletoe Time Machine x1 N/A N/A
197 Mad Tea Party Fairy Lantern x1 N/A N/A
203 Mountaineering Equipment Carabiner Time Machine x1 N/A N/A
205 Beautiful Flowers Medinilla Torch x1 N/A N/A
244 Anonymous's treasures Golden bobby pin Lantern x1 N/A N/A
245 Photographer's stuff Camera bag Torch x1 N/A N/A
255 Bookmarks The Order's bookmark Compass x1 N/A N/A
257 Phonograph Phonograph Time Machine x3 N/A N/A
262 Pumpkin soup Pumpkin soup Time Machine x2 N/A N/A
263 Invitations Invitations Torch x1 N/A N/A
264 Cozy pillows Pillow Lantern x1 N/A N/A
266 Warm wraps Woolen wraps Compass x1 N/A N/A
270 Pantry staples Corn grits Time Machine x3 N/A N/A
280 Warm gear Winter outfit Lantern x3 N/A N/A
283 Chinese vase Chinese vase Time Machine x1 N/A N/A
288 Convincing evidence Claire's diary Torch x1 N/A N/A
294 Beach postcards Postcard "Sand castle" Time Machine x2 N/A N/A
295 Nutritious salad Asparagus Torch x1 N/A N/A
296 Useful objects Sugar tongs Compass x1 N/A N/A
300 Radio receiver Radio receiver Lantern x2 N/A N/A
301 Roman soldiers Centurion Time Machine x3 N/A N/A
309 The artist's sketches Lewis's sketchebook Torch x1 N/A N/A
312 Invitation postcards "Canada" postcard Lantern x2 N/A N/A
314 Ice statues Ice lion Torch x2 N/A N/A
316 Watermelon smoothie Watermelon smoothie Time Machine x2 N/A N/A
318 Meditation aids Meditation chair Time Machine x1 N/A N/A
327 Potted flowers Azelea Torch x1 N/A N/A
330 Vampire's bride Christy's costume Time Machine x2 N/A N/A
337 Gustav's glasses Gustav's glasses Lantern x2 N/A N/A
341 Watercolor fish "Mandarinfish" Compass x2 N/A N/A
346 Present for Howard Christmas plaid Compass x1 N/A N/A
349 Christmas parfait Christmas parfait Torch x2 N/A N/A
351 Lost valise Billfold Torch x3 N/A N/A
355 Third legend Painting "Rescue" Time Machine x1 N/A N/A
360 Archival photo Archival photo Compass x1 N/A N/A
364 Mountain peaks Alpinist's diary Time Machine x2 N/A N/A
369 Mysterious photos Office shot Time Machine x3 N/A N/A
371 Wooden marionettes Eavesdropping marionette Lantern x2 N/A N/A
378 Garden equipment Watering can Torch x1 N/A Sakuri Talisman
380 Japanese garden Tea house Compass x1 N/A Sakuri Talisman
386 Ancient Mosaic The "High Tower" mosaic Torch x1 N/A Amulet of Peace
389 Modern Art High-fashion dress Time Machine x2 N/A Amulet of Peace
392 False Identity Fake passport Lantern x2 N/A N/A
394 Diary of legendary Explorers Unknown's legend Compass x2 N/A Pathfinder's Amulet
397 Collection of clues Treasure map Torch x1 N/A Pathfinder's Amulet
398 A place in the sun Beach tent Time Machine x3 N/A Sea Amulet
403 Police dog Dog figurine Time Machine x1 N/A N/A
406 Old Photography Antique album Lantern x1 N/A N/A
408 Cure for panic Salt lamp Time Machine x1 N/A N/A
413 Music system Music system Compass x1 N/A N/A
421 Prejudices about the mystical Practices witchcraft Compass x1 N/A N/A
424 "Citizens and Gangsters" game cards Deck of Cards Time Machine x1 N/A N/A
426 Happy farmer Farmer figure Compass x5 N/A Farmer's Amulet
427 Vegetable crop Huge pumpkin Torch x3 N/A Farmer's Amulet
428 Abundant harvest Huge watermelon Explorer's Eye x1 N/A Farmer's Amulet
429 Staff of fertility Staff of fertility Dynamite x2 N/A Farmer's Amulet
430 Harvest festival Pumpkin pie Dynamite x2 N/A Farmer's Amulet
431 Tricky treats Jack-o-lantern cookies Lantern x3 N/A N/A
436 Winner's laurel Winner's laurel Dynamite x3 N/A N/A
439 Reliable safes Richard's safe Torch x1 N/A N/A
440 Living books Caged books Time Machine x1 N/A Photographer's Amulet
444 Deal with the Ghost The Ghost's contract Compass x1 N/A N/A
453 James' puzzle solution Tesseract Lantern x3 N/A N/A
459 Traveler's belongings Train ticket Torch x3 N/A Engineer's Amulet
462 Model train Luxury Express Time Machine x1 N/A Engineer's Amulet
465 Holiday adornments Card tree Explorer's Eye x1 N/A N/A
471 Desk pendulums Perpetual pendulum Dynamite x3 N/A N/A
476 In search of adventure Metal detector Compass x3 N/A Amulet of Friendly Aid
475 Stone statues Dragon statues Time Machine x3 N/A N/A
479 Masters' photos Outstanding collage Lantern x4 N/A N/A
483 Golden masterpieces Phoenix necklace Torch x1 N/A Amulet of Friendly Aid
490 The power of democracy Meeting minutes Torch x2 N/A N/A
494 Invisible guest Fairytale house Lantern x3 N/A Woodlander's Amulet
496 Multifarious snowflakes magig snowflake Compass x5 N/A Woodlander's Amulet
497 Secrets of Gustav's book Hidden chapter Time Machine x1 N/A N/A
500 Dietrich's things Ratselschmidt's cane Lantern x1 N/A N/A
502 Allies' business cards Business card holder Time Machine x1 N/A N/A
507 Key of mechanisms Key of mechanisms Time Machine x1 N/A N/A
515 Memories of a friend Lost Letter Compass x1 N/A N/A
518 True hunter Hunter's sash Time Machine x1 N/A Great Hunter's Amulet
521 Old books Scroll with a picture Explorer's Eye x1 N/A Dragon's Amulet
522 Inventions of China Zhuri figurine Dynamite x2 N/A Dragon's Amulet
524 Monkey King Monkey King statuette Torch x3 N/A Dragon's Amulet
525 Model aircrafts Seaplane Lantern x3 N/A Avator's Amulet
526 Mysterious Mr. Connors Ring binder Time Machin x1 N/A Aviator's Amulet
533 African masks Ritual masks Torch x1 N/A N/A
534 Detective's desk Detective's trench coat Lantern x1 N/A N/A
535 Supernatural crime Rusty safe Dynamite x1 N/A N/A
546 Spy gadgets Reticule Lantern x1 N/A N/A
548 Chemistry equipment Hard case Time machine x1 N/A N/A
553 Lewis's things Lewis's bag Explorer's Eye x1 N/A N/A
555 Log cabin supplies Chest Torch x2 N/A Amulet of the Forest
556 Wildlife photography Camera gun Explorer's Eye x1 N/A Amulet of the Forest
557 Naturalist's equipment Naturalist's backpack Compass x3 N/A Amulet of the Forest
562 Marine navigation Logbook Dynamite x3 N/A Coral Amulet
565 Farmer's tools Millstones Torch x1 N/A N/A
569 Invisible observer Camouflage canopy Explorer's Eye x1 N/A Artist's Amulet
578 Investigation map Investigation map Lantern x1 N/A N/A
579 Inconspicuous pursuit The Order's address Compass x1 N/A N/A
582 Heirlooms Family coat of arms Time Machine x1 N/A N/A
583 Criminalist's case Criminalist's case Dynamite x1 N/A N/A
588 Control system Bearing indicator Compass x3 N/A Secret of Time Amulet
589 Survival kit Lifeboat Lantern x3 N/A Secret of Time Amulet
591 Temporal paradox McDougale's device Time Machine x3 N/A Secret of Time Amulet
596 Mosaic picture Mosaic picture Explorer's Eye x3 N/A Sacred Bird Amulet
597 To Richard from Gustav Postcard with cipher Torch x3 N/A Prophecies Amulet
599 Stations of Europe Railways of Europe Explorer's Eye x1 N/A N/A
602 Artist's supplies (2) Sketch box Dynamite x2 N/A N/A
607 Price of absurdity Floating table Time Machine x2 N/A N/A
618 World of butterflies Insectariun Lantern x3 N/A N/A
619 Color and personality Restored card Compass x2 N/A N/A
622 Life of the Vikings Viking's sword Torch x3 N/A Horn of Fate Amulet
623 Saga of times Saga of times Time Machine x2 N/A Horn of Fate Amulet
624 First sea conquerors Drakkar bow Compass x2 N/A Horn of Fate Amulet
627 Director's screenplay "Epilogue sequence" Lantern x3 N/A Witch's Talisman
629 Mystifier's things Mystifier's diary Compass x5 N/A Witch's Talisman
632 Strange finds Ghost lantern Lantern x3 N/A N/A
634 Model building Mysterious building Dynamite x2 N/A Creator's Amulet
636 Scientist's studies Scientist's studies Time Machine x3 N/A Creator's Amulet
638 Alice's photograph Alice's photograph Explorer's Eye x2 N/A N/A
646 Hypnosis psychotechnics Hynotic objects Torch x3 N/A N/A
651 Tracking system Telephone tracing system Compass x1 N/A N/A
653 Sweet assortment Sweet assortment Explorer's Eye x1 N/A Amulet of Fall
654 Exquisite desserts Dessert stand Dynamite x2 N/A Amulet of Fall
656 Confectionery decorations Delicious decorations Torch x3 N/A Amulet of Fall
659 Wondrous celestial body Christmas star Lantern x2 N/A Amulet of Santa
665 Travel through centuries Frozen clock Torch x3 N/A N/A
666 Library finds Bookshelf lantern x2 N/A Achivist's Amulet
667 Rare folios Notes about everything by A. Dynamite x3 N/A Archivist's Amulet
679 Masterful forgeries Collection of forgeries Lantern x2 N/A N/A
680 Doll world Ruby heart Time Machine x3 N/A N/A
686 Exclusive outfit One-of-a-kind attire Compass x2 N/A Actor's Amulet
697 Art therapy watercolor paint set Torch x3 N/A Detective's Amulet
698 Forgery detection Infared light Dynamite x3 N/A Detective's Amulet
701 Plush dolls Cat doll Explorer's Eye x2 N/A New Beginnings Amulet
702 Japanese lunch Bento box Compass x1 N/A New Beginnings Amulet
704 Yozakura party Picnic basket Explorer's Eye x1
Cappuccino x1
N/A New Beginnings Amulet
705 Rätselschmidt files Karl Rätselschmidt Explorer's Eye x1 4500 Amulet of Rebirth
706 Rachel’s belongings Manila envelope Dynamite x1 N/A N/A
709 Car break-in Cardboard box Explorer's Eye x3 N/A N/A
706 Missing books Remote Islands Compass x1 N/A Amulet of Rebirth
712 Watercolor series Locomotive train Explorer's Eye x3 N/A N/A
717 Lewis’s recovery Highlighter Compass x2 N/A N/A
719 Healing elixir Bottle of elixir Lantern x1
Torch x1
N/A Amulet of Rebirth
724 Traveler’s necessities Portable coloring set Explorer's Eye x2 5000 Amulet of Rebirth
725 Birthday gift Detectives card Dynamite x1 N/A Vital Energy Amulet
726 Family photos Family photo album Explorer's Eye x1 2500 Vital Energy Amulet
729 Mastermind's trail Beautiful gift Compass x2 N/A Vital Energy Amulet
731 World of Shadows Twilight amulet Explorer's Eye x3 N/A N/A
734 All that's left Ribbon Torch x2
Lantern x1
736 Witch's tools Ceramic crucible Compass x1
Ice Cream x1
737 Remedies and relief First aid kit Explorer's Eye x1 2500 N/A
740 Uncle Richard's hints Fire symbol Dynamite x2 N/A Effulgent Amulet
741 Breath of shadows Toolbox Explorer's Eye x2 2500 N/A
744 Magical trap Shadow key Compass x2 N/A N/A
746 Shadows of the past Inquisitor's diary Torch x1 N/A Effulgent Amulet
747 Artifacts (Collection) Hand of Darkness Explorer's Eye x3 N/A N/A
748 Enemy's writings Diary cover Dynamite x1
Cappuccino x1
754 Song of the Sea Book of genealogy Explorer's Eye x3 N/A Diamond Compass
755 Ancient secrets Book of genealogy Explorer's Eye x3 N/A N/A
759 Traitor Silver goblet Explorer's Eye x1 2500 N/A
761 Important information Personal journal Compass x1
Ice Cream x1
762 Sword and magic Royal bracers Torch x2
Lantern x1
N/A Amulet of Glory
769 Gotcha Key-Shaped Hairpin Dynamite x2 N/A Star of Kings
770 Magic Shop Dreamcatcher Dynamite x1 N/A Lion's Amulet
771 Mage's Trap Cage Explorer's Eye x1 2500 N/A
774 Dangerous Road Card Deck Compass x2 N/A Lion's Amulet
776 Lethal Lady Velvet Shoes Torch x1 2500 N/A
777 Your Majesty Smoking Pipe Explorer's Eye x3 N/A N/A
778 Laughing Jester Colored Balls Dynamite x1 2000 N/A
783 Talking with Spirits Skull Explorer's Eye x1 2500 Lion's Amulet
785 Harder than Stone Elephant Figurine Compass x1
Ice Cream x1
786 First Question Richard's Neckerchief Torch x2
Lantern x1
791 House That Jack Built Old Clock Explorer's Eye x2 N/A Necklace of Memory
792 Trick or Treat Jack-O'-Lantern pumpkin Compass x1 N/A Necklace of Memory
794 Catch Me If You Can Black Bead Explorer's Eye x1
Cappuccino x1
N/A Necklace of Memory
796 Family curse White rose wreath Explorer's Eyes x1 2500 N/A
800 Taming the curse Living water Time Machine x1 N/A Spiritual Guide
801 Thief's notes Cover Random Instrument x2 N/A N/A
803 Trump card Camping backpack Dynamite x1 N/A N/A
805 Secrets of an empty villa Cookbook Dynamite x1 N/A Chief's Artifact
809 Feast Turkey Compass x1 N/A Chief's Artifact
811 Into the darkness Dungeon map Explorer's Eye x1 2500 N/A
815 Winding path Peach Time Machine x1 N/A N/A
816 Shuffling cards Pocket Watch Random Instrument x2 N/A N/A
818 Castles and dungeons Rune of freedom Dynamite x1 N/A N/A
825 Against his will Death Dynamite x1 N/A N/A
826 Hide and seek with death Queen card Explorer'e Eye x1 2500 Ouroboros
829 On the snake's trail Package Compass x2 N/A N/A
831 Behind the scenes Envelope Torch x1 2500 N/A
832 Who is fairest of all Paper doll Explorer's Eye x3 N/A Ouroboros
833 Evidence Detective's report Dynamite x1 2000 N/A

Pictures and Awards that reward ToolsEdit

Tool Picture Award
Compass N/A Workaholic; Task Commander; Dedicated; Mid-grade; Santa's Elf;
Trainee (Level 3); Detective (Level 3); Expert (Level 3); Silhouette Catcher; Silhouette-Tracker; Silhouette Explorer; Sharp Sighted
Lantern Buddha's Square; Ghost Town Industrial Strength; Generous Spirit; Risk-Taker; Courageous Clairvoyant
Time Machine N/A Mighty Master; Mogul; Expert (Level 4); Valiant Voyeur; Haunted Hunter
Explorer's Eye N/A Worker; Dedicated; Silhouette-Hunter; Silhouette-Explorer;
Home Defender
Dynamite N/A Mechanic; Objective; Industrial Strength; Detective (Level 4)
Torch N/A Relentless; Mighty Master; Generous Spirit; Trainee (Level 4)

Note Explorer's Eyes and Compasses removed from picture rewards with the Christmas Magic Update December 2018.

In addition to individual tools, it may also be possible to win chests containing sets of tools in the game. Three chests containing tools are available, the 'Tool Case', which contains 3 of each tool and the 'Tool Box', which contains 10 of each tool and 'Night Detective's Chest, which contains 5 torches and 2 Lanterns:

Chest Contains Collections that reward chest Awards that reward chest
Tool Case 3 of each tool Poker Combinations Machinist; Taskmaster; Key Book; Possibility to Solve the Task; Variety of Tasks; 'The Supreme Master of Tasks; Silhouette Knight; Assembling Avenger; Sentinel; One of a Kind; Curse Beater
Tool Box 10 of each tool N/A Engineer; Technician; Inventor; Skillful Inventor; Tools; Master of Instruments
Night Detective's Chest Torch x5, flashlight(Lantern) x2 Board games N/A

Buying Tools in the ShopEdit

Some tools only require coins to be bought in the shop. This can be a good use of coins won in the game once all new pictures are unlocked. Below is a table of the prices of tools in the shop, in order of affordability:

Tool Price for 1 Price for 5 Price for 10
Compass inventory
6500 coins 25000 coins 45000 coins
Lantern inventory
6500 coins 25000 coins 45000 coins
Time Machine
Timemachine inventory
12500 coins 50000 coins 90000 coins
Explorer's Eye
Explorer’s Eye
1 crystal 4 crystals 7 crystals
Dynamite inventory
10 crystals 40 crystals 70 crystals
Torch inventory
10 crystals 40 crystals 70 crystals

Hints and TipsEdit

The Tooling Around Desktop AwardEdit

Three tools - the compass, Lantern and Time Machine, can be bought for coins in the shop. Compasses and Lanterns are cheaper than Time Machines. However, if you are working towards the higher level desktop tools award, which requires using thousands of tools to achieve, the Time Machines are worth the extra coins as many more can be used at a time during a single picture investigation or puzzle game. For example, Lanterns can only be used in Night mode, and last 30 seconds. The most Lanterns you can use in a single picture investigation (which must be in night mode) is 10. Compasses can be used in all picture modes, but again last for 30 seconds. The most Compasses that can be used in Text and Silhouette mode is 6, and the most that can be used in all other Picture modes is 10. Time Machines can be used in a Picture investigation or Puzzle game. There is no limit to how much extra time you can add to a timer other than your own patience and amount of Time Machines in your inventory. This means you can use 100s of Time Machines in one single picture investigation or puzzle game, helping you reach the Tools award objective faster.

Changes to ToolsEdit

Seeker's Eye renamed Explorer's EyeEdit

The Harvest and Halloween Update (September 2016) brought a number of name changes to the game, centered around removing the word "Seeker" from the game and replacing it with the word "Explorer". This may have been related to the game developer's (MyTona) second Hidden Object game, which was named Seeker's Notes: Hidden Mystery (previously titled Seeker's Notes: Mysteries of Darkwood), although the change in the Secret Society game was only implemented a year after Seeker's Notes was released.

During this change, the 5th Picture Level "High Seeker" was renamed "High Explorer", the tool "Seeker's Eye" was renamed "Explorer's Eye" and the "Seekers" category (number of Quests completed) of the Top 1000 list was renamed "Explorers".

Note that older images on the wiki will still show the old name "Seeker's Eye" but other than the name, the tool remains the same (function hasn't changed), so the information in the image is still accurate, just with an older name for the tool displayed.

Explorer's Eyes and Compasses Removed from Picture RewardsEdit

The Christmas Magic Update of December 2018, bought many changes to the game. One was the removal of Explorer's Eyes from the 'Can Be Found" list of Venice and Japanese House. The Compass was removed from the 'Can Be Found' list of Polar Station and Throne Room. As of the Christmas Magic Update, only the Lantern is a possible reward for successfully playing a picture, in either Buddha's Square or Ghost Town.