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Message for the Community.

These guidelines are under review. During March of 2018, discussion was started by the Admins here. The discussion should NOT be limited to the Admins. Please leave any Comments or Suggestiions for changes to the Guidelines (below) in the Board:Questions_About_The_SSHM_Wiki. A formal discussion will begin soon.

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The following guidelines were not put to a final vote.

October 6th, 2017

  • Please only use information taken from the game, not opinions or conjecture. Guessing information to input is also a no-no and the edits will be reverted. An editor is responsible for fact checking before publishing their edits. Administrators can and may verify a member’s good faith edits at any time to ensure accuracy.
  • Please speak with an Admin before restructuring (taking apart) articles as most tasks only require reorganization and not restructuring. This includes removing information from older articles as the historical integrity should be maintained, particularly in reference to older Update/Event/Timed Challenges pages. Newer members still like to read the historical information on our wiki and it should remain intact for all members to enjoy.
  • Creating pages is at the discretion of the Administrators as they are also Content Moderators. Please see the description of “Content Moderators” responsibilities under “Administration”.
  • Before removing large sections of articles please speak with an Admin. They are guides for the layouts and templates and are responsible for keeping the pages neat and tidy.
  • Images should not be deleted from the Database. The pictorial database is maintained by Admins primarily for the same reason as most maintenance is also done by them. There is a protocol which has always been followed in the pictures used and the size as well as the labeling must be consistent with all previous files; otherwise no one can find anything. For information on how to do images, please see: Images for articles - A How-To-Guide
  • Please try to work on only one article at a time, finishing it as best you can before moving on to another. This is not mandatory but is more helpful for other editors working in the same article as this wiki is a collaborative effort.
  • The Administration reserves the right to protect articles for one hour while working on them. Should an editing war ensue on any article, they also have the right to protect those articles to prevent escalation of such wars until a resolution has been found. This is not in violation of any rules set out by Fandom.

For reference on the discussions that helped shape these guidelines, please see: Editing draft

A side note: For legal reasons we do not add Update information until it is officially released by G5.