Orders Chest2

The Order's Chest, part of the Tavern Update's time sensitive challenges

The Tavern update was released on the 5th of May 2014 for iOS players and on the 18th of June for Android players and the 11th of July for Kindle players. A patch for the iOS update was released on the 14th of May to solve a issue with Gem Match in the original update, and a patch for the Kindle update was released on the 17th of July to solve the issue of the game crashing on the splash screen after the original update.

The Tavern update introduced a new picture, Tavern, new collections, new quests, and a second silver badges box. Silver badges can be found within pictures (not as rewards for successful investigations). The original silver badges box required players to find 200 silver badges to unlock the box. The second silver badges box introduced in the Tavern update requires players to find 400 silver badges.

The Tavern update was the first non-holiday themed update that contained time sensitive challenges . Players had 14.5 days to complete two challenges released with the Tavern update. The 30 challenge quests involved three of the pictures that require special items to play (Night Garden, Mill, and Illusionist's Room). Unlike the Christmas Update and the Valentines Update, the Tavern update did not convert the previous update's special item picture into a normal picture. Tree of Dates, released with the previous Valentines Update, still requires Cupid's Arrows for each play after updating to the Tavern Update. Cupid's Arrows can now only be won in Venice and Throne Room (as opposed to every picture, as during the Valentines Update) but they can now be gifted to friends as a free gift (not from your inventory) through the send a gift tab in the gifting window. Cupid's Arrows are unlocked to send as a free gift at level 25.

Tavern Update EventEdit

The Tavern Update event has 2 main challenges to be completed in the 14.5 day time limit:

  • Complete 30 quests from Christy to win the Mystical Key
  • Collect 80 items (10 each of 8 new items) to restore the damaged lock on the Order's Chest

Completing these two challenges within the event's time limit allows players to open the Order's Chest and receive a reward.

Damaged Lock ItemsEdit

The following items needed to be collected by successful investigation of certain pictures in order to restore the damaged lock on the Order's Chest:

Item Number Needed Can Be Found
Star Dust 10 Night Garden
Golden gear 10 Night Garden
Diamond screw 10 Illusionist's Room
Oiler 10 Amusement Park

Silver spring

10 Illusionist's Room
Moonlight 10 Tree of Dates
Morning dew 10 Venice
Emerald sand 10 Mill

Cupid's arrows and the Tavern Update Edit

The Valentines Update introduced Cupid's arrow special items into the game, which were needed in addition to energy points for each play of the Tree of Dates picture for the duration of the update. Cupid's arrows were given as rewards for every successful investigation of any every picture (except for Tree of Dates itself) and for banishing anomalies, but not for playing puzzles. The Sphere of Miracles and Pyramid of Wonder had a 1 in 4 chance of awarding Cupid's arrows for the duration of the Valentines update. The Cupid's arrows themselves replaced Christmas baubles, which were used as part of the previous Christmas Update and were needed to play Christmas Eve. The Valentines Update removed Christmas Baubles from the game, converting Christmas Eve into a normal picture that just requires energy points to play. Once the Valentines Update was installed on a device any remaining Christmas Baubles in a players inventory were converted into equal parts Fireflies, Ladybugs and Carrots, and the rewards for every picture were changed to give Cupid's arrows instead of Christmas Baubles.

After the introduction of the Tavern Update (May 2014), Tree of Dates remained a special item picture, so Cupid's Arrows are still required for each play. Any Cupid's Arrows in a players inventory remained there after the Tavern Update as they are still needed to play Tree of Dates. Cupid's Arrows can now only be won for successful investigations of Venice and Throne Room. The Sphere of Miracles and Pyramid of Wonder still have a 1 in 4 chance of awarding Cupid's arrows since they are still needed to play Tree of Dates.

Issues with the Tavern UpdateEdit

Gifting: Players with first iOS Tavern Update (version 1.9, 5th May 2014) to players without Tavern updateEdit

As with all previous updates, the Tavern update was available for iOS devices before Android and Kindle devices. The changes to the gifting system within the Tavern Updates code has created a cross device/update compatibility problem when it comes to gifting.

Any gift (from wishlist or from send a gift or send a collection item tab) sent from a player with the Tavern Update to a player without the update (regardless of devices players are using) is converted to a coin from the Banker's Treasure collection. This is true for both collection items and combining elements.

There is currently no way around this issue, but it should be resolved once all players have updated to the Tavern Update (version 1.9.5, 14th May 2014 for iOS or version 1.9, 18th June for Android).

Gifting: Players with second iOS Tavern Update (version to 1.9.5, 14th May 2014) to players without this updateEdit

On May 14th 2014, a second Tavern Update was released for iOS devices to fix the issue with Gem Match not opening experience by some players after updating to the original Tavern Update. The second Tavern update, version 1.9.5, suffers from the same gifting cross-update compatibility issues as the first Tavern update. This means that any gift sent by a player with version 1.9.5 to any player with a lower update version (1.9 or lower) will be converted into coins.

Gifting: Players with android Tavern Update (version to 1.9, 18th June 2014) to players without this updateEdit

On June 18th 2014, the android Tavern update was released. This update is equivalent to the iOS update 2 (14th May) in terms of compatibility with lower updates.

In summary, as of the 18th June 2014:

  • Players without the Tavern update (using version 1.8 or lower on iOS devices; version 1.8.5 or lower on android devices; or kindle devices) can gift normally, and the correct gifts will be received by their friends.
  • Players with the 1st iOS Tavern update (version 1.9) can gift players with the Tavern update (version 1.9 or 1.9.5 for iOS; version 1.9 for android) normally, and the correct gifts will be received, but any gifts sent to players without the Tavern update (version 1.8 or lower on iOS or version 1.85 or lower on android) will be converted into coins.
  • Players with the second iOS Tavern update (version 1.9.5) may only gift other iOS players with version 1.9.5 or android players with Tavern update, all other gifts to all other updates of the game (version 1.9 or lower on iOS; version 1.8.5 or lower on android or any kindle device) will be converted into coins.

Gem Match GlitchEdit

The original iOS Tavern update (version 1.9) fixed the Gem Match unlocking glitch experienced by players who downloaded the game after the Valentines Update, but in the process introduced a new problem with Gem Match that affects a large proportion of players (regardless of when they downloaded the game).

Players suffering this new Gem Match glitch cannot play the game. When they press research, their energy points are deducted but the game freezes on a black screen. The only way to get out of the black screen is to force quit the game. The energy points are lost.

The second Tavern Update (version 1.9.5), released May 14th, 2014, fixed this problem, so all users having difficultly playing Gem Match after the Tavern update are encouraged to download the fixed update (version 1.9.5).

Picture Unlock Level Glitch Edit

A glitch in the game that was introduced by the Tavern Update, and still exists in the most up-to-date version of the game (Christmas 2014), causes the game to change the requirements to unlock certain pictures. This means that players must reach higher game levels than expected to unlock these pictures.

When a player starts a new game they will see a locked padlock icon over all pictures except Venice and Buddha's Square. Tapping on this icon will bring up a screen that will explain what experience level a player must be on to unlock these pictures. Once the player reaches the stated level, the icon of the locked padlock will change to an icon of an unlocked padlock indicating that the picture is no unlocked. A new quest will begin that will ask the player to search for pieces of the picture, and once these pieces are collected the player will be able to open the new picture after paying with energy points and coins and solving a jigsaw puzzle of the new picture.

This glitch causes the game level number stated at the beginning of the game to change to a higher number once the player reaches the original level. For example, for the Tavern picture itself a new player will see that they must reach level 55 to unlock Tavern. However as soon as the players reaches level 55 the picture will not unlock and trigger the quest to open the picture. Instead the requirements to unlock Tavern will change to show level 62 instead of level 55. Once the player reaches level 62 the Tavern picture will unlock and they will be able to open it.

Picture Level Expected to Unlock Level Actually Unlocked
Witch's Hut 5 7
Christmas Eve 8 10
Tavern 55 62
Theater 75 77