Pictures visited by all professions.

Every player is randomly assigned a profession when they start a new game.

The professions are Magician, Merchant, Sage and Sleuth. Each profession comes with its own special ability related to the Friends aspect of the game.

About ProfessionsEdit

When you start a new game of the Secret Society: Hidden Mystery game you will be randomly assigned a profession from the four available in the game. You may not change the profession that has been assigned to you. The only way to get a new profession is to start a new game.

Each profession has a different special ability that comes into effect when a player visits another player's Home Desktop and charges a picture or a puzzle, or when you hire a friend before investigating a picture or a puzzle.

List of ProfessionsEdit

There are 4 professions within the game:

Player Profession - Magician
Player Profession - Merchant
Player Profession - Sage
Player Profession - Sleuth
  1. Magician (symbol - lightning bolt): Decreases energy points needed to investigate picture/puzzle
  2. Merchant (symbol - coin): Increases coins earned from successful investigation of a picture/puzzle
  3. Sage (symbol - star): Increases experience earned from successful investigation of a picture/puzzle
  4. Sleuth (symbol - camera):  Increases chances of finding items. Note: Sleuths increase your chances of receiving rewards for successful investigating a picture or a puzzle the same way that luck talismans help you. They do not help you find items within pictures during investigations.

Pictures and Puzzles Charged by FriendsEdit

When a picture or puzzle in your game has been charged by a visiting friend, you will see an icon in the top left corner of the picture or puzzle.

Picture charged by all professions.

This icon is a picture of the mystery man (default avatar) and a circle containing the symbol for the profession of the friend that has visited and charged the picture/puzzle.

In order to see which friends have charged the picture/puzzle open the research window for the charged picture/puzzle by pressing it and press the enlarged mystery man symbol in the top right corner of the research window. The names of the friends will be displayed along with the description of their profession's abilities. You must scroll down to see the name of all friends who have charged the picture/puzzle.

The friends charge will take effect for the first play of that picture or puzzle, and only one friend of each profession may charge a picture at a time (new charges by players of the same profession will overwrite any previous charge).

Each profession adds a percentage increase to one of the rewards for successfully investigating a picture or a puzzle or decreases the amount of energy needed to investigate the picture. For example, the exact amount of extra coins you receive for successfully investigating a picture or puzzle if a merchant charges them depends on the original amount you would have won, which is dependent on the level of mastery you have already achieved on the picture/puzzle.

Awards Charged by FriendsEdit

Note on charging desktop awards: Each profession can charge awards and you will get the exact same type of bonus from their charge. Any differences in the exact amount of this bonus reward given on a day to day basis is random, and has nothing to do with player professions.

For some awards, particularly those that give coins as an extra reward when charged, the exact amount of the reward item (e.g. coins) given can vary. The number appears to be assigned randomly by the game, and has nothing to do with the profession of the friend who charged the reward and nothing to do with the number of times the award has been charged during its countdown.

For example, the Collectors desktop award gives out a random collection item every 12 hours. When this award is charged by a visiting friends, it also gives a number of coins in addition to the random collection item. The base number of coins given by this award is 100 coins, which you are guaranteed to get if the award is charged by any friend. The maximum amount of coins the award gives is 500, but any multiple of 100 coins can be given. So for example, if a sleuth charges your desktop award, and is the only person to charge since the award was last discharged, you might see "+100" next to the reward when you press the desktop award. You might also see "+200", "+300","+400", or  "+500" some days under the exact same circumstances.

See List of Award Levels for the rewards given out by the various desktop awards when charged or not charged.

Hiring FriendsEdit

You can hire your current friends before investigating a picture or puzzle to take advantage of their profession's abilities. Hiring a friend lasts for one picture or puzzle investigation.

To hire a friend go to visit them. The green hire button is on the bottom (As of Jan 2019). The friends profession symbols are displayed in the top right hand corner of their avatar. Pressing a symbol will bring up the description of that profession and what it does. Press the green hire icon to hire a friend. The friends information box will then be highlighted.

When you return to your home desktop, a small version of your friends avatar with their profession symbol will be displayed on the right hand side of your home desktop in the same location as any active talismans and artefacts. Pressing this icon will bring up a description of the profession of the hired friend as well as the friend's name.

When you play a picture or puzzle, the hired friends profession will take effect. You can see the percentage increase of coins (merchant) or experience points (sage) or the percentage decrease in energy points required to play (magician) by opening a research window of a picture or puzzle. The hired friend's effect will be added to the effect of currently activated talismans and artefacts and the effect of an already charged picture/puzzle.

When you start a game the number of friends you can hire for any one picture or puzzle investigation is restricted to 1. This number increases as you reputation level increases (the same as the number of charges you allowed for each friend per visit increases at set reputation level increments). The maximum amount of friends you can hire in a single day is the same number as your current reputation level. You can increase your reputation level by visiting your friends and charging their home desktops. Gifting does not increase your reputation.

Finding Out Your ProfessionEdit

Players not being able to see their own professions within the game is a purposeful move on the game developers part. Previous loopholes in the game that allowed players to find their own professions have been removed in updates, again on purpose. It is also impossible to change your profession once a game has started.

Although this seems unfair, there is sound logic behind the move. There is a tendency to think of some game professions as better or more desirable than others. If players were able to see their randomly generated profession when they start a new game, they would be tempted to restart the game over and over until they get a 'preferred' profession. This would result in every player in the game being the same profession.

Currently, the only guaranteed way to find out your own profession is to ask someone who is friends with you in the game to check your name on their friends list. This requires having a means of communication with a friend outside of the game.

For some devices it is also possible to find your profession by pressing your own avatar on the top1000 list in the Friends Section of the game. This will bring up your details as seen by other players in the game, and may include a profession symbol in the top right hand corner of the blown up avatar. If you are not in the top1000 or any category, press the 'friends only' box at the bottom of the top1000 window, and look for your name in any category.

See the information graveyard for ways it was possible to find your own profession within your own game that has since been removed from the game in updates.