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Below is a complete list of collections currently available in the game.

In reference to this page, each collection is listed in the order they were added to the game. 

The rewards for combining each collection are listed along with the collection name and the item created by combining the collection. Follow the links to the individual pages on each collection to get more details about them.

Use the 'Search' function at the top of the page to look for collections that award the items you need. For example if you are short on energy points, use 'Search' to find food items that can be used to increase your energy points such as cappuccino, ice cream, lunch box, energy drink or dinner.

Any collection whose items cannot be added to your wish list or given as gifts to your friends are marked with a light blue background in the table. All other collections, with light grey backgrounds can both be added to your wish list and sent to your friends as gifts.

Note: This list only states the name of the collection and the reward for combining that collection. If you are trying to search for a collection based on an item in that collection, see List of Collection Items instead. For a complete list of combining element requirements, use the List of Combining Element Requirements page, and for a complete list of locations that collection items can be found in the game (including quest locations), use the List of Collection Item Locations page.

Note 2:  Two different collections are called 'Magical Ingredients' so they are labelled with a (1) and a (2) based on the order in which they were introduced into the game. This same labeling is true for 'Artist's supplies', also based on the order of introduction.

List of Collections

As of the Spring is Coming Update (February/March 2019), there are 859 collections in the game.

Clicking on the up-down arrows sorts that column. Very useful for finding rewards.

A printable collections list is available and is sorted by giftability, reward type, and rewards.

Collection # Collection Name Item Created Reward Type Giftable Collection?
1 Banker's Treasure Coin Collection Talismans Yes
2 Wisdom of the Library Book Set Tools Yes
3 Chess Pieces Chessboard Energy Yes
4 Crowns of the World Majestic Crown Talismans Yes
5 A Set of Toy Soldiers Toy Soldiers Tools Yes
6 Stargazer's Artifacts Observatory Model Tools Yes
7 The Navigator's Secrets Sea Captain Figurine Talismans Yes
8 Windows to the World Magnificent Picture Energy Yes
9 Fragrant Flowers Gorgeous Bouquet Talismans Yes
10 Wild Rings Phoenix Ring Talismans Yes
11 Psychic's Power Psychic Orb Energy Yes
12 Historical Warriors Collected Commanders Energy Yes
13 Dark Dwellings "Dark Dwellings" book Tools Yes
14 Athlete's Equipment Soccer Trophy Tools Yes
15 Exotic Eggs Phoenix Egg Tools Yes
16 International Postage Stamp Collection Anomalies Yes
17 Honorary Medals Medal Collection Tools Yes
18 Ancient Arsenal Assembled Arsenal Tools Yes
19 Birds of Paradise Canary Cage Tools Yes
20 Assortment of Sweets Box of Chocolates Tools Yes
21 Tools of Talent Great Scroll Anomalies Yes
22 Global Visions Lucky Snow Globe Energy Yes
23 Beautiful Music Music Award Tools Yes
24 Grandmother's Jam Grandmother's Jam Energy Yes
25 Virtuous Armor Golden Knight Tools Yes
26 Royal Assembly Golden King Anomalies Yes
27 Creatures of Myth The Great Dragon Talismans Yes
28 Relics of the Past T. Rex Exhibit Talismans Yes
29 Instruments of Time Hourglass of the Order Tools Yes
30 Parade of Princesses Portrait of Beauty Energy Yes
31 Silver Setting Royal Tea Service Anomalies Yes
32 Earth's Wealth Precious Pendant Anomalies Yes
33 Law and Order Police Officer Statue Tools Yes
34 Engineering Aids Engineer's Toolbox Anomalies Yes
35 Bottled Boats The Black Rose Energy Yes
36 Colorful Set Colored Pencil Set Energy Yes
37 Venetian Masks Venetian Lady Strength Yes
38 Italian Cuisine Pizza Tools Yes
39 Ghost Town (Collection) Dead Man's Treasure Tools Yes
40 Polar Fauna Reindeer Tools Yes
41 Amusement Park (Collection) Rollers Tools Yes
42 Wishmasters Falling star Tools Yes
43 Grandmother's Needlework Trunk of a handy woman Talismans Yes
44 Voodoo Magic Voodoo Doll Energy Yes
45 Poker Combinations Poker counters Tools Yes
46 Photographer's Things Gold camera Talismans Yes
47 Animal Tracks Pathfinder's Encyclopedia Energy Yes
48 Sunshower Mushroom soup Tools Yes
49 Photo Frames Photo album Special Items Yes
50 Tarot Cards Fool Tools Yes
51 Doll Collection Doll lodge Special Items Yes
52 Music Boxes Ballerina Tools Yes
53 Paradise of Sweet Teeth Gingerbread lodge Special Items Yes
54 Princess's Things Gold princess Tools Yes
55 Tea Collection Fruit tea Special Items Yes
56 Mysterious Beings Ktulkh Combining Elements Yes
57 Data storage device Hard drive Energy Yes
58 Personal computer Computer Talismans Yes
59 Paint brushes Set of brushes Special Items Yes
60 Picturesque paints Palette Talismans Yes
61 Art supplies Easel Energy Yes
62 Frames workshop Frame with return profile Talismans Yes
63 Statuette of the witch Witch from fairy tale Talismans Yes
64 Statuette of the wizard Wizard from fairy tale Strength Yes
65 Magical ingredients (1) Malachite casket Energy Yes
66 Fabulous things Hourglass Talismans Yes
67 Self-writing means Changing seal Strength Yes
68 Famous pearls Great Southern Cross pearl Talismans Yes
69 Mammoth whales Narwhal Strength Yes
70 Set of the criminalist Evidence bag Talismans Yes
71 Strange instruments Box of strange instruments Energy Yes
72 Toolmaker's Set Neutron battery Talismans Yes
73 Police notes Typewriter Energy Yes
74 The rules of the Order Set of rules of the Explorer Talismans Yes
75 Flatware Serving set Energy Yes
76 Magical ingredients (2) Mouse tail Talismans Yes
77 Weapons against monsters Arsenal against monsters Tools Yes
78 Magical amulets Bag with amulets Energy Yes
79 Charging device Accumulating rotor Tools Yes
80 Cartography Political map Strength Yes
81 The set of the traveling Traveler's backpack Tools Yes
82 Gzhel toys Gzhel basket Strength Yes
83 Wooden toys Wooden box Tools Yes
84 Movie reels Documentary film reel Strength Yes
85 Vinyl records Classical music Tools Yes
86 Gingerbread man Gingerbread man Strength Yes
87 Wooden dinnerware Complete set Tools Yes
88 Autographs of the celebrities Boxer's autograph Anomalies Yes
89 Insects in amber Prehistoric mosquito Anomalies Yes
90 Different cheeses Mascarpone cheese Anomalies Yes
91 Circus artists Trained bear Anomalies Yes
92 Board games Checkers Tools Yes
93 Cowboy's clothes Complete cowboy outfit Tools Yes
94 Cowboy's horse Cowboy's outfitted horse Tools Yes
95 Cowboy's weapons Complete cowboy kit Tools Yes
96 Variety of papers Colored paper Talismans, Exp. Points Yes
97 Paper origami Origami "Heart" Tools Yes
98 Captivating aromas Perfume bottle Strength Yes
99 Essential oil burners Set of essential oil burners Anomalies, Energy Yes
100 Little candles Colored candles Tools Yes
101 Security system Control unit Energy Yes
102 Hunting traps Animal trap Anomalies, Energy Yes
103 Wonderful bells Set of bells Strength Yes
104 Magic crystals Complete crystal holder Anomalies, Energy Yes
105 Prophetic objects Magical 8 ball Anomalies, Energy Yes
106 Ghost Explorer Poltergeist detection device Tools Yes
107 Paranormal investigation Neutron cannon Anomalies, Energy Yes
108 Ouija board Ouija board Anomalies, Energy Yes
109 Records of investigations Records of investigation Talismans, Coins Yes
110 Cornelius's personal belongings Crumpled sheet of paper Anomalies, Energy Yes
111 Cornelius's diary Secret diary Anomalies, Energy Yes
112 Cornelius's decoding tools Decoding monocle Energy Yes
113 Lost notes Secret note in the diary Anomalies, Energy Yes
114 Strange mirrors Spherical mirror Tools Yes
115 Substantial breakfast Porridge Energy Yes
116 Overhead projector Overhead projector Anomalies, Energy Yes
117 Eastern sweets Tray of sweets Anomalies, Energy Yes
118 Refreshing drinks Glass of lemonade Tools Yes
119 Child's dream Made bed Strength Yes
120 Lullaby music Hurdy-gurdy Anomalies, Energy Yes
121 Fairy tales Collection of fairy tales Talismans Yes
122 Fairy tale animals Set of fairy tale animals Tools Yes
123 Balloons Bunch of balloons Tools Yes
124 Wind instruments French horn Energy Yes
125 String instruments Cello Tools Yes
126 Keyboard instruments Pipe organ Tools Yes
127 Geniuses of poetry Bust of William Shakespeare Tools Yes
128 Ancient legends Hercules Talismans Yes
129 Sushi mania Tray of sushi Special Items Yes
130 Wonders of the world Great Pyramid of Giza Coins Yes
131 Sights of Seoul Seoul guidebook Tools Yes
132 Exotic fruits Fruit basket Tools Yes
133 Exotic vegetables Vegetable basket Anomalies Yes
134 London gentleman Figure of a gentleman Tools Yes
135 Great chieftain Figure of a chieftain Talismans Yes
136 Hockey equipment Figure of a hockey player Talismans Yes
137 Military uniform Figure of a soldier Talismans Yes
138 Space traveler Figure of an astronaut Talismans Yes
139 Beautiful birds Grey Crowned Crane Talismans Yes
140 Birds of prey Steller's Sea Eagle Coins Yes
141 Wild cats Panther Combining Elements Yes
142 Miniature animals Fennec fox Coins Yes
143 Naturalist's collection Butterfly and moth collection Strength Yes
144 Spice rack Spices in a bottle Coins Yes
145 Hair accessories Tiara Energy Yes
146 Coquette's toilette Cosmetic case Coins Yes
147 Famous diamonds "Koh-i-Noor" diamond Talismans Yes
148 Corners of the universe Milky Way galaxy Coins Yes
149 Knights of the Middle Ages Richard the Lionheart Special Items Yes
150 Unhappy wives Statuette of Bluebeard Coins Yes
151 Fairy maids Valkyrie Special Items Yes
152 Symmetrical inkblots Rorschach test Energy Yes
153 Stuffed animals Box with toys Coins Yes
154 Colored chalk Set of colored chalk Tools Yes
155 Laboratory beakers Set of beakers Coins Yes
156 Memory devices Memory chair Collection Items Yes
157 Objects from the subconscious Alice's thoughts Coins Yes
158 Cool drinks Red bilberry fruit drink Special Items Yes
159 Convenient boxes Wooden box Tools, Talismans Yes
160 Unique paper clips Magnifier paper clip Energy, Talismans Yes
161 Crime scene Photo "Crime scene" Anomalies Yes
162 Sting operation Composition notebook Talismans, Tools Yes
163 Modern Prometheus Frankenstein's monster Talismans Yes
164 Lycanthrope Werewolf Special Items Yes
165 Week of terror Girl in white Energy Yes
166 Set of negatives Familiar face in the picture Energy Yes
167 Halloween mood Smiling pumpkin Special Items Yes
168 Halloween decorations Kettle with candy Special Items Yes
169 Halloween fuss Scarecrow Special Items Yes
170 Halloween facade Ghost Special Items Yes
171 Aromatic coffee Ristretto Tools Yes
172 Purebred cats Siberian cat Tools Yes
173 Sumerian gods Anu Coins Yes
174 Clean up Vacuum cleaner Coins Yes
175 Magical bracelet Magical bracelet Coins Yes
176 Potion of the past Fiery potion Anomalies Yes
177 Potion of the present Crystal clear potion Tools Yes
178 Potion of the future Amber potion Anomalies Yes
179 Restoration Restoration set Tools Yes
180 Ancient languages Digest of languages Strength Yes
181 Storage of the grimoire Lectern Tools Yes
182 Series of encyclopedias Encyclopedia of visions Strength Yes
183 Doll clothes Doll wardrobe Tools Yes
184 Family doctor Medicine chest Tools Yes
185 Handmade notebook Firm notebook Strength Yes
186 Doll's secret Picture of the box Combining Elements Yes
187 Varicolored sticky notes Container for sticky notes Tools Yes
188 Order's relics Marble palette Tools Yes
189 Magical ink Bottle of ink Energy Yes
190 Christmas decorations Sprig of mistletoe Tools Yes
191 Symbols of the holidays Christmas tree Strength Yes
192 Christmas delicacy Christmas turkey Strength Yes
193 Irreplaceable assistants The Snow Maiden Strength Yes
194 Christmas hero Santa Claus Energy Yes
195 Secret Code Coordinates Tools Yes
196 Tourist Rations Canned Stewed Meat Strength Yes
197 Mad Tea Party Fairy Tools Yes
198 Spy's Shadow Alice Painting Tools Yes
199 Drastic Measures Magical Key Energy Yes
200 Effective Sedative Valerian Tea Strength Yes
201 After The Dream Snack Bar Photograph Strength Yes
202 Gifts of Tianxia Tanghulu Combining Elements Yes
203 Mountaineering Equipment Carabiner Tools Yes
204 Camping Equipment Tent Tools Yes
205 Beautiful Flowers Medinilla Tools Yes
206 Holiday Traditions Flower Petals Energy Yes
207 Valentine's Card Lovers Valentine's Card Strength Yes
208 Long-Awaited Date Fireworks Strength Yes
209 Enamored Presents Pair of T-Shirts Anomalies Yes
210 Hearts Flower Heart Anomalies Yes
211 Toy cars Sedan Talismans Yes
212 Dwellings Apartment building Tools Yes
213 Lanterns Headlamp Talismans Yes
214 Microphones Lavalier mic Tools Yes
215 Listening devices Bug Talismans Yes
216 Party attire Mannequin Tools Yes
217 Legendary swords Excalibur Talismans Yes
218 Legendary shields Lancelot's shield Talismans Yes
219 Legendary armor Wigar armor Talismans Yes
220 Legendary bows Robin Hood's bow Tools Yes
221 Meteor rain Chelyabinsk meteorite Anomalies Yes
222 Favorite heroines Jane Eyre Talismans Yes
223 Favorite heroes Mr. Rochester Anomalies Yes
224 Beautiful bracelets Labradorite bracelet Talismans Yes
225 Megalopolises Tokaido Anomalies Yes
226 Elegant hats Beach hat Talismans Yes
227 Carrier birds Pigeon Tools Yes
228 Herbalist's advice Cranberries Anomalies Yes
229 Howard's experiment Test tube rack Tools Yes
230 Neat copies Statue Coins Yes
231 Bunch of keys Keychain Anomalies Yes
232 Haute cuisine Chicken julienne Tools Yes
233 Cursed things Bat Coins Yes
234 Garden gnomes Gnome with a sack Anomalies Yes
235 Fragrant spices Cloves Tools Yes
236 Funny gummies Stars Strength Yes
237 Sporty new clothes Sunglasses Coins Yes
238 Icy treats Popsicle Anomalies Yes
239 Informative maps T and O map Strength Yes
240 Antique globes Blaeu globe Strength Yes
241 Archivist's set Glasses Coins Yes
242 Beautiful minerals Celestine Strength Yes
243 Photo collage Photo collage Talismans Yes
244 Anonymous's treasures Golden bobby pin Tools Yes
245 Photographer's stuff Camera bag Tools Yes
246 Photographer's essentials Scanner Strength Yes
247 Teapots Samovar Energy Yes
248 Special literature "Reflection and It's Paradoxes" Anomalies Yes
249 The Archivist's notes Glue stick Talismans Yes
250 Healing incense Patchouli Anomalies Yes
251 Hygiene products Shaving cream Tools Yes
252 Magical water Live water Strength Yes
253 Life-giving broth Chicken broth Anomalies Yes
254 Greeting cards Marriage card Strength Yes
255 Bookmarks The Order's bookmark Tools Yes
256 The Order's robes Dressy robe Anomalies Yes
257 Phonograph Phonograph Tools Yes
258 Puppet theater Red Riding Hood puppet Talismans Yes
259 Halloween puppets "Witch" puppet Strength Yes
260 Halloween toys Toy cat Strength Yes
261 Halloween snacks Halloween cake Strength Yes
262 Pumpkin soup Pumpkin soup Tools Yes
263 Invitations Invitations Tools Yes
264 Cozy pillows Pillow Tools Yes
265 Handkerchiefs Silk handkerchief Talismans Yes
266 Warm wraps Woolen wrap Tools Yes
267 Invigorating beverage Hot chocolate Talismans Yes
268 Merchant vessel Sunken ship Talismans Yes
269 Sweet medicine Green tea chocolate Anomalies Yes
270 Pantry staples Corn grits Tools Yes
271 Lost glasses Pince-nez Strength Yes
272 Elegant buttons Cufflinks Tools Yes
273 Ornamental plates "India" plate Energy Yes
274 Shocking article Article Anomalies Yes
275 Christmas cake Panforte Special Items, Anomalies Yes
276 Christmas ornaments Christmas bird Special Items, Anomalies Yes
277 Christmas candles "Santa Claus" candle Special Items, Anomalies Yes
278 Dancing elves Elf with concertina Special Items, Anomalies Yes
279 Gingerbread Ornaments Gingerbread star Special Items, Talismans Yes
280 Warm gear Winter outfit Tools Yes
281 Cold-fighting drink Vitamin juice Strength Yes
282 Collector's passion Golden scarab Tools Yes
283 Chinese vase Chinese vase Tools Yes
284 Special coffee Berry coffee Talismans Yes
285 Set of fuses Fuse 60A Strength Yes
286 Carburetor parts Solenoid valve Strength Yes
287 Monthly magazine November magazine Strength Yes
288 Convincing evidence Claire's diary Tools Yes
289 Bicycle repair Bicycle Anomalies Yes
290 Travel to Indonesia Package Talismans Yes
291 Beach gear Beach sundress Special Items, Strength Yes
292 Skin protection Sunscreen Special Items, Strength Yes
293 Seashells Angaria poppei Special Items, Strength Yes
294 Beach postcards Postcard "Sand castle" Special Items, Tools Yes
295 Nutritious salad Asparagus Special Items, Tools Yes
296 Useful objects Sugar tongs Tools Yes
297 Documents' restoration Vellum Strength Yes
298 Chromatography Chromatography Coins Yes
299 Golden statuettes Golden fairy Talismans Yes
300 Radio receiver Radio receiver Tools Yes
301 Roman soldiers Centurion Tools Yes
302 Collectible plates Reykjavik plate Coins Yes
303 Double café glacé Double café glacé Anomalies Yes
304 Mysterious gadget Blocker Talismans Yes
305 Bad weather protection Children's umbrella Talismans Yes
306 Witness testimonies Folder for testimonies Anomalies Yes
307 Handling evidence Set of megaphones Coins Yes
308 Massage stones Hot stone set Anomalies Yes
309 The artist's sketches Lewis's sketchbook Tools Yes
310 Beautiful spotlights Plasma spotlight Strength Yes
311 Mysterious evidence Alice's doll Talismans Yes
312 Invitation postcards "Canada" postcard Special Items, Tools Yes
313 Jewelry pendants Morganite Explorer Special Items, Talismans Yes
314 Ice statues Ice lion Special Items, Tools Yes
315 Caesar salad Caesar salad Special Items, Energy Yes
316 Watermelon smoothie Watermelon smoothie Special Items, Tools Yes
317 Aerostats Renard and Krebs' aerostat Anomalies Yes
318 Meditation aids Meditation chair Tools Yes
319 Set of amulets Set of amulets Talismans Yes
320 Circus animals Circus elephant Coins Yes
321 Appetizing quesadilla Quesadilla Talismans Yes
322 Night camouflage Night vision goggles Talismans Yes
323 British souvenirs "Double decker bus" souvenir Coins Yes
324 Ghost traps Stamp "Cat's eye" Anomalies Yes
325 Special fruit tea Dried raspberry Strength Yes
326 First aid kit Analgesic Coins Yes
327 Potted flowers Azalea Tools Yes
328 Theatrical makeup Makeover kit Special Items, Anomalies Yes
329 Pirate's costume Alfred's costume Special Items, Talismans Yes
330 Vampire's bride Christy's costume Special Items, Tools Yes
331 Wizard's costume Howard's costume Special Items, Talismans Yes
332 Preparations for the party Basket of sweets Special Items, Strength Yes
333 Bronze statuettes Bronze hunter Anomalies Yes
334 Orange coffee Orange coffee Coins Yes
335 Office chandelier Chandelier Strength Yes
336 Indonesian bride Indonesian bride Anomalies Yes
337 Gustav's glasses Gustav's glasses Tools Yes
338 Nasi goreng Nasi goreng Coins Yes
339 Samurai armor Samurai armor Anomalies Yes
340 Rag dolls Swedish doll Strength Yes
341 Watercolor fish "Mandarinfish" Tools Yes
342 Antique boxes "Piano" box Coins Yes
343 Indonesian sweets Getuk Anomalies Yes
344 Expedition photos Scientist's photo Strength Yes
345 Present for Alfred Present for Alfred Special Items, Talismans Yes
346 Present for Howard Christmas plaid Special Items, Tools Yes
347 Present for Christy Assorted chocolates Special Items, Talismans Yes
348 Christmas atmosphere Symbol of the year Special Items, Strength Yes
349 Christmas parfait Christmas parfait Special Items, Tools Yes
350 Sea knots Turk's head knot Anomalies Yes
351 Lost valise Billfold Tools Yes
352 First legend High relief "Salvation" Talismans Yes
353 Second legend Stained glass "Meeting" Coins Yes
354 Pineapple cooler Pineapple cooler Strength Yes
355 Third legend Painting "Rescue" Tools Yes
356 Fisherman's tools Spinning rod Anomalies Yes
357 Police investigation Letter from a stranger Coins Yes
358 Sweet tooth box Box with donuts Strength Yes
359 Floral cake Floral cake Talismans Yes
360 Archival photo Archival photo Tools Yes
361 Cozy fireplace Fireplace bellows Special Items, Strength Yes
362 Fun in the Snow Inner tube Special Items, Anomalies Yes
363 Cheese fondue Fondue Special Items, Strength Yes
364 Mountain peaks Alpinist diary Special Items, Tools Yes
365 Dog sled Dog sled Special Items, Anomalies Yes
366 Elegant telephone Old telephone Anomalies Yes
367 Address book Page "J" Coins Yes
368 Magical filters Fog Filter Strength Yes
369 Mysterious photos Office shot Tools Yes
370 Magical glasses Moldavite glasses Coins Yes
371 Wooden marionettes Eavesdropping marionette Tools Yes
372 Legendary plates "Augean stables" Energy Yes
373 Collector's paintings "Old Mill" Strength Yes
374 Lewis's works "Self portrait" Coins Yes
375 Ratatouille Bay leaf Talismans Yes
376 Tea break Peach candies Anomalies Yes
377 Tea ceremony Set for tea ceremony Special items, Strength Yes
378 Garden equipment Watering can Special Items, Tools Yes
379 Blooming garden Sakua seedlings Special Items, Anomalies Yes
380 Japanese garden Tea house Tools Yes
381 Traditional Japanese clothing Kimono Special Items, Talismans Yes
382 Souvenirs from Asia Souvenir from Indonesia Talismans Yes
383 Becoming a Journalist Fox medallion Talismans Yes
384 Founding Explorers The portrait of the Founder Talismans Yes
385 Ancient Manuscript The Ancient Manuscript Strength Yes
386 Ancient Mosaic The "High Tower" mosaic Tools Yes
387 Printed Press Newspaper of the Order Coins Yes
388 Nut Smoothie Nut Smoothie Strength Yes
389 Modern Art High-fashion dress Tools Yes
390 Private Auction Check for a million dollars Anomalies Yes
391 She was Never Here "She Was Never Here" set Coins Yes
392 False Identity Fake passport Tools Yes
393 Legendary objects Legendary canvas Tools Yes
394 Diary of legendary Explorers Unknown's legend Tools Yes
395 Notes about the lost expedition Sixth note Talismans Yes
396 Collection of rarities Mysterious chest Talismans Yes
397 Collection of clues Treasure map Tools Yes
398 A place in the sun Beach tent Tools Yes
399 Ice tea Ice tea Strength Yes
400 Mysterious poster Mysterious poster Anomalies Yes
401 Beach volleyball Summer Cup Trophy Strength Yes
402 Summer Festival Mysterious suit Anomalies Yes
403 Police dog Dog figurine Tools Yes
404 Criminals on the loose Burglar's poster Talismans Yes
405 Uncatchable thief Violin case Coins Yes
406 Old Photography Antique album Tools Yes
407 Daguerre's camera Daguerre's camera Anomalies Yes
408 Cure for panic Salt lamp Tools Yes
409 Elegant furniture Well-made wardrobe Coins Yes
410 Antique vase Antique vase Talismans Yes
411 Sweet snack Honey cake Strength Yes
412 Charon's payment Obolus Anomalies Yes
413 Music system Music system Tools Yes
414 Clairvoyance potion Clairvoyance potion Coins Yes
415 Remains of the cursed ship Ship's log book Talismans Yes
416 Mansion's lighting Murano chandelier Strength Yes
417 Magic case Magic case Anomalies Yes
418 Precious brooches Cat brooch Coins Yes
419 Hiding places Hollow coin Talismans Yes
420 Strange paintings Helicopter crash Anomalies Yes
421 Prejudices about the mystical Practices witchcraft Tools Yes
422 Imprisonment Cage Coins Yes
423 "Citizens and Gangsters" game masks Master's mask Strength Yes
424 "Citizens and Gangsters" game cards Deck of cards Tools Yes
425 Funny mugs Thinking mug Talismans Yes
426 Happy farmer Farmer figurine Tools Yes
427 Vegetable crop Huge pumpkin Tools Yes
428 Abundant harvest Huge watermelon Tools Yes
429 Staff of fertility Staff of fertility Tools Yes
430 Harvest festival Pumpkin pie Tools Yes
431 Tricky treats Jack-o-lantern cookies Tools Yes
432 Abandoned park Haunted mansion Energy Yes
433 Mysteries of history Developed film Talismans Yes
434 Spirits' carousel Spirits' carousel Strength Yes
435 Carnival costumes Carnival of evil spirits Strength Yes
436 Winner's laurel Winner's laurel Tools Yes
437 The photographer Medium format camera Strength Yes
438 The Mansion's doors Bedroom door Coins Yes
439 Reliable safes Richard's safe Tools Yes
440 Living books Caged books Tools Yes
441 Kitchen army Dinner set army Talismans Yes
442 On the burglar's trail Blue cap Coins Yes
443 Wandering lights Shimmering light Strength Yes
444 Deal with the Ghost The Ghost's contract Tools Yes
445 Ghostly device Ghostly device Anomalies Yes
446 Pirate's booty Precious tusk Talismans Yes
447 Missing family Name bracelet Coins Yes
448 An apple of discord An apple of discord Anomalies Yes
449 The First Explorer's trial Alliance treaty Talismans Yes
450 Multifaceted picture Multifaceted picture Anomalies Yes
451 Dietrich's story The Order's token Energy Yes
452 Puzzles (Collection) James' puzzle Coins Yes
453 James' puzzle solution Tesseract Tools Yes
454 Chasing the burglar Van Strength Yes
455 Police duty belt Police duty belt Talismans Yes
456 Haunted house Scary painting Anomalies Yes
457 Strange drawing Drawing of device Coins Yes
458 Home alone Seeker's/Explorer's blanket (Note 1) Talismans Yes
459 Traveler's belongings Train ticket Tools Yes
460 Radiotelegraph Radiotelegraph Strength Yes
461 Messages from the past Morse code Talismans Yes
462 Model train Luxury Express Tools Yes
463 Engineer's uniform Engineer's uniform Energy Yes
464 Christmas cards Antique card Talismans Yes
465 Holiday adornments Card tree Tools Yes
466 Christmas treats Christmas cake Anomalies Yes
467 Time for presents Mysterious present Tools Yes
468 Christmas sleigh Christmas sleigh Talismans Yes
469 Unsuccessful search Battered paper bag Tools Yes
470 Ghostly crane Ghostly crane Coins Yes
471 Desk pendulums Perpetual pendulum Tools Yes
472 Unknown artist Illusions Picture part Strength Yes
473 Summoning gems Summoning gems Talismans Yes
474 Marzipan dainties Dainties in a basket Tools Yes
475 Exquisite pastries Bread pudding Coins Yes
476 In search of adventure Metal detector Tools Yes
477 Cave explorer Stone flower Strength Yes
478 Stone statues Dragon statue Tools Yes
479 Masters' photos Outstanding collage Tools Yes
480 Oil varnish Oil varnish Coins Yes
481 Strange letters Mysterious letter Tools Yes
482 Graphology Expert findings Talismans Yes
483 Golden masterpieces Phoenix necklace Tools Yes
484 Steffan's dwelling Billiards table Coins Yes
485 Auto-Explorer Auto-Explorer Strength Yes
486 Sculptor's tools Parian marble Talismans Yes
487 Assorted waffles Hong Kong waffles Tools Yes
488 Technological progress Companion robot Talismans Yes
489 Careless rider Motor scooter Coins Yes
490 The power of democracy Meeting minutes Tools Yes
491 Mysterious grimoires Gustav's book Strength Yes
492 Lost jewelry Jewelry box Talismans Yes
493 Midday tea Midday tea Energy Yes
494 Invisible guest Fairytale house Tools Yes
495 Nature corner Asian bleeding heart Strength Yes
496 Multifarious snowflakes Magic snowflake Tools Yes
497 Secrets of Gustav's book Hidden chapter Tools Yes
498 Great teachers Collection of wisdom Talismans Yes
499 Mind training Set of symbols Coins Yes
500 Dietrich's things Ratselschmidt's cane Tools Yes
501 Secret door Secret door Anomalies Yes
502 Allies' business cards Business card holder Tools Yes
503 Nesting chests Golden chest Coins Yes
504 Key of things Key of things Talismans Yes
505 Key of imagination Key of imagination Strength Yes
506 Key of magic Key of magic Anomalies Yes
507 Key of mechanisms Key of mechanisms Tools Yes
508 Speedy recovery Notepad and pencil Coins Yes
509 Pictures of eyes Dragon eyes Talismans Yes
510 First-class reception Golden cutlery set Strength Yes
511 Body language reading Portrait sketch Anomalies Yes
512 Desk accessories Desk set Coins Yes
513 Wristwatches Wrist chronometer Talismans Yes
514 Symphony sheet music Symphony sheet music Anomalies Yes
515 Memories of a friend Lost letter Tools Yes
516 Legacy of the ancients Stone disk Coins Yes
517 Mysterious stones Central stone Strength Yes
518 True hunter Hunter's sash Tools Yes
519 Conqueror of the West Conqueror's poncho Talismans Yes
520 Myths of China Yin and Yang Talismans Yes
521 Old books Scroll with a picture Tools Yes
522 Inventions of China Zhuizi figurine Tools Yes
523 Ingredients for recovery Monkey doll Talismans Yes
524 Monkey King Monkey King statuette Tools Yes
525 Model aircrafts Seaplane Tools Yes
526 Mysterious Mr. Connors Ring binder Tools Yes
527 Artifacts from Amazonia Fountain of eternal life Talismans Yes
528 Flight data recorder Flight data recorder Talismans Yes
529 Author's things Escritoire Energy Yes
530 Egyptian statuettes Ra Talismans Yes
531 Antique candlesticks Elegant triple candlestick Anomalies Yes
532 Pricey foods Basket of delicacies Coins Yes
533 African masks Ritual mask Tools Yes
534 Detective's desk Detective's trench coat Tools Yes
535 Supernatural crime Rusty safe Tools Yes
536 Fantastic plants Samples for research Talismans Yes
537 Giovanni's paints White paint Coins Yes
538 Researcher's carpetbag Researcher's carpetbag Strength Yes
539 First Explorer's secrets First Explorer's key Talismans Yes
540 Sapphire chamber Sapphire chamber Talismans Yes
541 Family skeletons Will Anomalies Yes
542 Midday dessert Zabaione Coins Yes
543 Mysterious Agate family Damaged photographs Anomalies Yes
544 Dietrich's drawings Mysterious figure Anomalies Yes
545 Pale Jack Pale Jack Strength Yes
546 Spy gadgets Reticule Tools Yes
547 Architect's thoughts City of the future Coins Yes
548 Chemistry equipment Hard case Tools Yes
549 Carpenter's kit Carpenter's kit Talismans Yes
550 Radiating unit Radiating unit Energy Yes
551 Impenetrable locks Universal key Strength Yes
552 Violetta's Star Violetta's Star Coins Yes
553 Lewis's things Lewis's bag Tools Yes
554 Photos of the Agates "Exhibition" Anomalies Yes
555 Log cabin supplies Chest Tools Yes
556 Wildlife photography Camera gun Tools Yes
557 Naturalist's equipment Naturalist's backpack Tools Yes
558 Rarest animals Photoatlas Anomalies Yes
559 Signs of Bigfoot Bigfoot Talismans Yes
560 Valuable finds Chest of relics Special Items Yes
561 Underwater chronicles Underwater chronicles Anomalies Yes
562 Marine navigation Logbook Tools Yes
563 Trove of useful things Gyrocompass Strength Yes
564 Captain Murrow's mystery Captain's letter Talismans Yes
565 Farmer's tools Millstones Tools Yes
566 Multi-panel canvas City That Doesn't Sleep Energy Yes
567 Noble crystal Crystal swan Coins Yes
568 Seamstress Serger Strength Yes
569 Invisible observer Camouflage canopy Tools Yes
570 Toy blocks Toy blocks Anomalies Yes
571 Trail of paint stains Labyrinth map Talismans Yes
572 Mysterious abode Magister's mantle Talismans Yes
573 Artist's supplies (1) Black sketchbook Anomalies Yes
574 Fruits of inspiration "History of the Order" Coins Yes
575 Mirror system Prism mirror Anomalies Yes
576 Lip reading device Lip reading device Talismans Yes
577 Working on a manuscript Ancient tablet Coins Yes
578 Investigation map Investigation map Tools Yes
579 Inconspicuous pursuit The Order's address Tools Yes
580 Anamorphic art The Game of Shadows Anomalies Yes
581 Jewels of the depths Lazurite jewelry box Coins Yes
582 Heirlooms Family coat of arms Tools Yes
583 Criminalist's case Criminalist's case Tools Yes
584 Art of deception De Rune's canvas Coins Yes
585 Runaway's things Artist's folder Talismans Yes
586 Magic runes Magic runes Talismans Yes
587 Forgotten relics Memo book Anomalies Yes
588 Control system Bearing indicator Tools Yes
589 Survival kit Lifeboat Tools Yes
590 Secret notes Amphibian contract Talismans Yes
591 Temporal paradox McDougle's device Tools Yes
592 Eastern motifs Fairy tale book Anomalies Yes
593 Magic tablet Magic tablet Talismans Yes
594 Historical legacy Arabic writings Talismans Yes
595 Treasures of the marids Ruby ball Tools Yes
596 Mosaic picture Mosaic picture Tools Yes
597 To Richard from Gustav Postcard with a cipher Tools Yes
598 Book cipher Deciphered postcard Anomalies Yes
599 Stations of Europe Railways of Europe Tools Yes
600 Hockey team Mascot Coins Yes
601 First Explorer's Wall First Explorer's Wall Talismans Yes
602 Artist's supplies (2) Sketch box Tools Yes
603 Reticule's contents Reticule Anomalies Yes
604 Information system File folder Coins Yes
605 Wonderful dolls Amanda's doll Talismans Yes
606 Power of tranquility Box of harmony Strength Yes
607 Price of absurdity Floating table Tools Yes
608 Alchemist's laboratory Transmutation circle Coins Yes
609 Secret studies Lost recipe Anomalies Yes
610 Magic of flowers Flower wreath Energy Yes
611 Mansion's floor plan Mansion's floor plan Strength Yes
612 Pendulums of magic Witch's pendulum Coins Yes
613 Magic of stones Circle of stones Talismans Yes
614 Rosalind's prophecies Book of prophecies Anomalies Yes
615 Painting styles Mixed painting Strength Yes
616 Ciphering system Cryptogram deciphering Coins Yes
617 Paper art Unfolded origami Talismans Yes
618 World of butterflies Insectarium Tools Yes
619 Color and personality Restored card Tools Yes
620 Feast goblets Horn goblet Talismans Yes
621 Battles of the past Broken horn Strength Yes
622 Life of the Vikings Viking's sword Tools Yes
623 Saga of times Saga of times Tools Yes
624 First sea conquerors Drakkar bow Tools Yes
625 Horror movie collection Horror movie collection Talismans Yes
626 Movie props Creepy doll Energy Yes
627 Director's screenplay "Epilogue sequence" Tools Yes
628 Film equipment Film stock Strength Yes
629 Mystifier's things Mystifier's diary Tools Yes
630 The World of Shadows map The World of Shadows map Talismans Yes
631 The last lamplighter Old lamp Anomalies Yes
632 Strange finds Ghost lantern Tools Yes
633 On the stranger's trail Tin key Coins Yes
634 Model building Mysterious building Tools Yes
635 Knowledge hunt Archivist's dictionary Talismans Yes
636 Scientist's studies Scientist's studies Tools Yes
637 Toy town Toy town Coins Yes
638 Alice's photograph Alice's photograph Tools Yes
639 Sweet brunch Alfred's pie Energy Yes
640 Hide-and-seek Invisibility cloak Anomalies Yes
641 Alchemist's secret Secret doctrine Coins Yes
642 Alchemical series Five substances Anomalies Yes
643 Little oddities Small medallion Talismans Yes
644 Key signs Golden badge Talismans Yes
645 Treasure hunters Hard case Coins Yes
646 Hypnosis psychotechnics Hypnotic objects Tools Yes
647 Treasured accessories Dear accessories Anomalies Yes
648 Secret archive Compact safe Talismans Yes
649 Spy games Spy's case Coins Yes
650 Self-defense devices Security box Strength Yes
651 Tracking system Telephone tracing system Tools Yes
652 Delicious story Basket of pastries Talismans Yes
653 Sweet assortment Sweet assortment Tools Yes
654 Exquisite desserts Dessert stand Tools Yes
655 Culinary tricks Culinary handbook Talismans Yes
656 Confectionery decorations Delicious decorations Tools Yes
657 Christmas mood Christmas fireplace Strength Yes
658 Fairy tale mail Santa's safe Anomalies Yes
659 Wondrous celestial body Christmas Star Tools Yes
660 Sugary goodies Sweet treats Coins Yes
661 Gifts to remember Sack of gifts Anomalies Yes
662 Memories of the past Traveling trunk Talismans Yes
663 Alice's journey Old tickets Coins Yes
664 Night storm Shearwater Anomalies Yes
665 Travel through centuries Frozen clock Tools Yes
666 Library finds Bookshelf Tools Yes
667 Rare folios Notes about everything by A. Tools Yes
668 Caring for the books Bookcase Coins Yes
669 Attention training Iron necklace Talismans Yes
670 Able student Student's robe Strength Yes
671 Stereotypical ghosts The Ghost's photographs Talismans Yes
672 Secrets of the Archives Safe deposit box No. 56 Talismans Yes
673 Unsolved cases Mysterious family tree Coins Yes
674 Legacy Discharged photograph Anomalies Yes
675 Business suit Leather carpet bag Anomalies Yes
676 Secret information Dossier folder Anomalies Yes
677 Riddles of archaeology Mangola's box Strength Yes
678 Detective's paraphernalia Handy paraphernalia Coins Yes
679 Masterful forgeries Collection of forgeries Tools Yes
680 Doll world Ruby heart Tools Yes
681 Banned books Urban legends Talismans Yes
682 Falsifier's game Carved figurines Energy Yes
683 Art of exposure Case No. 1 Coins Yes
684 Dolls of fate Masked doll Strength Yes
685 Actress's life Autographed poster Strength Yes
686 Exclusive outfit One-of-a-kind attire Tools Yes
687 Admirer's gifts Medallion key Coins Yes
688 Original declaration Declaration photo jigsaw Anomalies Yes
689 Long-awaited surprise Wedding card Strength Yes
690 Festive decorations New Year picture Coins Yes
691 Lucky flowers Peach blossoms Tools Yes
692 Tea brewing set Chinese tea cups Strength Yes
693 Chinese teas Baihao Yinzhen tea Anomalies Yes
694 Fortuitous foods Sweet rice balls Tools Yes
695 Police evidence bag Dog collar Anomalies Yes
696 Goldsmith’s office Coffee mug Talismans Yes
697 Art therapy Watercolor paint set Tools Yes
698 Forgery detection Infrared light Tools Yes
699 Friedrich’s secrets Last will Strength Yes
700 Japanese decor Teak room divider Coins Yes
701 Plush dolls Cat doll Tools Yes
702 Japanese lunch Bento box Tools Yes
703 Rock gardening kit Bonsai tree Coins, Strength Yes
704 Yozakura party Picnic basket Tools, Energy Yes
705 Rätselschmidt files Karl Rätselschmidt Coins, Tools Yes
706 Rachel’s belongings Manila envelope Tools Yes
707 Gold melting tools Graphite mold Talisman Yes
708 Ancient souvenirs Miniature stupa Coins Yes
709 Car break-in Cardboard box Tools Yes
710 Missing books Remote islands Tools Yes
711 The Archivist’s remedies Dusting gloves Talisman Yes
712 Watercolor series Locomotive train Tools Yes
713 Oil painting set Child's overalls Coins, Talisman Yes
714 Gold assessment Testing gel Talisman Yes
715 Divination potion Orange peel Strength Yes
716 The psychic’s tools White dove Energy Yes
717 Lewis’s recovery Highlighter Tools Yes
718 Shadowy research List of ingredients Tools Yes
719 Healing elixir Bottle of elixir Tools Yes
720 Art history class Social realism slides Talisman Yes
721 Rätselschmidt heirlooms German dictionary Coins Yes
722 German feast Black Forest cake Strength Yes
723 Oil painting series Mangola's box Energy, Talisman Yes
724 Traveler’s necessities Portable coloring set Coins, Tools Yes
725 Birthday gift Detective's card Tools Yes
726 Family photos Family photo album Coins, Tools Yes
727 Precious jewelry Secured jewelry Strength Yes
728 Cryptic clues Grocery list note Strength, Talisman Yes
729 Mastermind's trail Beautiful gift Tools Yes
730 Shining light Candle Coins, Talisman Yes
731 World of Shadows Twilight amulet Tools Yes
732 Farewell minuet Music book Anomalies Yes
733 On the road Twilight lantern Coins, Talisman Yes
734 All that's left Ribbon Tools Yes
735 Help from afar Strange ring Coins Yes
736 Witch's tools Ceramic crucible Tools, Energy Yes
737 Remedies and relief First aid kit Coins, Tools Yes
738 Protective spells Hourglass Coins, Talisman Yes
739 Interdimensional telephone Telephone number Coins, Talisman Yes
740 Uncle Richard's hints Fire symbol Tools Yes
741 Breath of shadows Toolbox Coins, Tools Yes
742 Trail of evidence Mask Strength Yes
743 Unknown enemy Engraved watch Strength, Talisman Yes
744 Magical trap Shadow key Tools Yes
745 Refreshments Lunch tray Coins Yes
746 Shadows of the past Inquisitor's diary Tool Yes
747 Artifacts (Collection) Hand of Darkness Tools Yes
748 Enemy's writings Diary cover Tools, Energy Yes
749 Previous incarnations Rider's shadow Coins Yes
750 Northern Sunrise Snow Globe Coins Yes
751 Her Name Was Maria Locket with a Secret Coins Yes
752 Artist in Love Bundle of Letters Strength Yes
753 Dreams and Threats Telegram Strength, Talismans Yes
754 Song of the Sea Secret of Cache Map Tools Yes
755 Ancient secrets Book of genealogy Tools Yes
756 Knowledge is power Seal of the Inquisition Coins, Talisman Yes
757 Unusual ally Silk ribbon Anomalies Yes
758 Reluctant friend Ivory cameo Coins, Talisman Yes
759 Traitor Silver goblet Coins, Tools Yes
760 You can't trust him Knight's ring Coins Yes
761 Important information Personal journal Tools, Energy Yes
762 Sword and magic Royal bracers Tools, Anomalies Yes
763 Duel Lace scarf Coins, Talisman Yes
764 Stained glass Black glass Coins, Talisman Yes
765 Diamond Dust Rough Diamond Energy Yes
766 Under Suspicion Album of Reproductions Coins Yes
767 Shady Lady Diamond Earrings Coins, Talisman Yes
768 Tricking the Trickster Shadow Crystal Coins, Talisman Yes
769 Gotcha! Key-shaped Hairpin Tools Yes
770 Magic Shop Dreamcatcher Tools Yes
771 Mage's Trap Cage Coins, Tools Yes
772 Dark Spell Cat's Claw Strength Yes
773 Bitter Pill Fire Bracelets Strength, Talismans Yes
774 Dangerous Road Card Deck Tools Yes
775 Cipher Vial of Poison Coins Yes
776 Lethal Lady Velvet Shoes Coins, Tools Yes
777 Your Majesty Smoking Pipe Tools Yes
778 Laughing Jester Colored Balls Tools, Coins Yes
779 Treachery Amulet of the Conclave Coins Yes
780 Wandering in the Dark Photo of a Girl Coins, Talismans Yes
781 Language of Flowers Black Poppy Anomalies Yes
782 Voodoo Craft Voodoo Mask Coins, Talismans Yes
783 Talking with Spirits Skull Coins, Tools Yes
784 Without an Invitation Lock Pick Set Coins Yes
785 Harder than Stone Elephant Figurine Tools, Energy Yes
786 First Question Richard's Neckerchief Tools Yes
787 A Fee for the Answer Magic Board Case Coins, Talismans Yes
788 Mr. de Lara's Fate Ramon's Jacket Coins, Talismans Yes
789 Between Time and Space Hourglass Coins Yes
790 Gargoyles at the Gate Shadow Gargoyle Coins Yes
791 House That Jack Built Old Clock Tools Yes
792 Trick or Treat Jack-O' Lantern pumpkin Tools Yes
793 Here I Come Labyrinth Map Coins, Strength Yes
794 Catch Me If You Can Black Bead Tools, Energy Yes
795 Angelica Embroidery hoop Strength Yes
796 Family curse White rose wreath Coins, Tools Yes
797 Abduction Black gloves Strength Yes
798 Night adventure Set of keys Strength, Talisman Yes
799 Beauty or the beast Car keys Anomalies Yes
800 Taming the curse Living water Tools Yes
801 Thief's notes Cover Tools Yes
802 Inquisitor's plan Card case Energy Yes
803 Trump card Camping backpack Tools Yes
804 Portal to the abyss Tree bark Strength Yes
805 Secrets of an empty villa Cookbook Tools Yes
806 Mistakes of the past Ledger Coins Yes
807 Guests aren't welcome Ruby bracelet Coins Yes
808 Ancestral spirits Brazier Talisman Yes
809 Feast Turkey Tools Yes
810 Don't close the door Everlasting flame Strength Yes
811 Into the darkness Dungeon map Coins, Tools Yes
812 Cerberus Bone Strength Yes
813 Smiling prisoner Carved key Strength, Talisman Yes
814 When angels cry De Lara family ring Anomalies Yes
815 Winding path Peach Tools Yes
816 Shuffling cards Pocket watch Tools Yes
817 Alchemy Saxifrage Energy Yes
818 Castles and dungeons Rune of freedom Tools Yes
819 Freedom Jack card Strength Yes
820 Christmas mischief Box of chocolates Tools Yes
821 Toy world Coloring book Tools Yes
822 Make a wish Snow globe Coins Yes
823 The chase is on World map Combining Elements Yes
824 Aurora Christmas tree lights Tools Yes
825 Against his will Death Tools Yes
826 Hide and seek with death Queen card Coins, Tools Yes
827 Society lioness Family portrait Strength Yes
828 In the Queen's way Viper keychain Strength, Talisman Yes
829 On the snake's trail Package Tools Yes
830 Let's be friends Violin Coins Yes
831 Behind the scenes Envelope Coins, Tools Yes
832 Who is fairest of all Paper doll Tools Yes
833 Evidence Detective's report Tools, Coins Yes
834 Decisive battle Asp earrings Coins Yes
835 Essential elements Yin-yang symbol Coins Yes
836 New Year's traditions Dragon's tail Tools, Coins Yes
837 Flowers in the sky Dragon's body Tools Yes
838 Summoning ritual Dragon's head Tools, Coins Yes
839 Dragon dance Restored dragon Energy, Tools Yes
840 Serpentine trail Notebook Coins, Tools Yes
841 Dangerous connections Perfume bottle Coins, Tools Yes
842 Friendly advice New image Tools Yes
843 Unknown variable Colorful belt Tools Yes
844 In war and in love Strawberry sundae Coins, Tools Yes
845 Making good on debts Herbs for potions Special Items No
846 On unfamiliar roads Wreath base Special Items No
847 Frost and sun Wreath decorations Special Items No
848 Spring is near Spring Wreath Special Items No
849 Goodbye winter Celebration table Special Items No
850 The trapper and the beast Amar's elixirs Coins, Tools Yes
851 Sound of the sarangi Charmer's music Coins, Combining Elements Yes
852 Unexpected ally Chaupar set Energy Yes
853 Dancing with snakes Amar's snakes Tools Yes
854 Buying time Antidote Coins, Tools Yes
855 First date Cosmetics bag Coins, Tools Yes
856 Court of the Inquisition Inquisitor's armor Coins, Talismans Yes
857 Without remorse Magic locks Coins, Energy Yes
858 Second map Protective amulets Coins, Tools Yes
859 End of the snake queen Evilin's mask Coins, Anomalies Yes


In addition to the awards listed above, you also earn clock parts for combining collections. Clock parts are combining elements required to combine Artifacts.

Note 1: Collection 458 - Home Alone. The Item created for this collection has two names, depending on the platform or the device. It has been observed the Home Alone collection combines to Seeker's blanket on an iPad and two Windows games, Explorer's blanket on an iPhone and Android. This phenomenon has not been verified to be consistent across all devices.