The main user interface is in the form of a desktop. This desktop contains a number of pictures and games to play, along with a space at the top for awards earned. You can navigate to all parts of the game using your Home Desktop. Icons will also appear on your Home Desktop to indicate when you have quests, are using special items won in the game, have gifts waiting for you or a friend has visited you.

Current Player InformationEdit

Number 1 on the picture of a Home Desktop shows your Player name. 

Number 2 shows your avatar. Your avatar appears next to your name in all the social interaction portions of the game.

HD all

1: Your name; 2: Your avatar; 3: Your current experience points/goal to reach next level; 4: Your current level; 5: Your current energy points/maximum energy points; 6: Timer to next energy point renewal; 7: Coins; 8: Crystals; 9: Picture, Text mode; 10: Picture with anomaly (Lost Time); 11: Puzzle; 12: Unlocked but not open picture; 13: Current quest list; 14: New quest; 15: Active Talismans; 16: Desktop awards; 17: Inventory; 18: Shop; 19: Diary; 20: Collections; 21: Awards; 22: Friends Section; 23: Gifts from friends; 24: Puzzle charged by friend

Number 3 shows your current experience points in a blue bar. Next to your current experience points is the number of experience points you need to reach the next level. As you reach this goal, the blue bar fills up.

Number 4, the red circle under the avatar shows your current level in the game.

Energy PointsEdit

Number 5 in the picture above shows your current and maximum energy points. Your maximum energy points increase by 5 for each level you increase in the game. You can also increase your maximum by using a Dinner (restores all energy and adds 10 points to your maximum) or a Holiday event equivalent of a Dinner (restores all energy and adds 15 points to your maximum, e.g. the Gingerbread House from the Christmas Update).

Number 6 in the picture above shows the energy points timer. Your energy recovers over time at a rate of 1 energy point every 3 minutes.

Note: Energy Points are different than Strength (Power) points. Using weights that restore strength points will not increase your energy points. Strength points are used to charge your friends' pictures and awards when visiting them.

Game CurrencyEdit

The game contains two different currency items: Coins (Number 7 in picture above) and Crystals (Number 8 in picture above). Pressing the green plus sign next to either the coins or crystals opens the Bank, where you can make in-app purchases.

Playing the GameEdit


Number 9 in the picture of a Home Desktop shows a normal picture ready to play. The green banner above the picture gives the picture's name. The colour around the frame of the picture indicates what level you are on in that picture. The box in the top left hand side of the picture indicates what mode the picture is currently in (what game type pressing Research will launch).

Number 10 in the picture of a Home Desktop is the picture Venice with the 'Lost Time' anomaly. When you open the research window for a picture with an anomaly, it will have a 'Banish' button in place of the scene progress bar.


Number 11 in the picture of a Home Desktop is the puzzle 'Pipes'. Pressing a puzzle icon on your Home Desktop will bring up a research window similar to the one for pictures. Pressing Research will start the puzzle game.

Locked and Unlocked PicturesEdit

Number 12 in the picture of a Home Desktop is an unlocked but not yet open picture. When you first start the game, the only picture that is open for you to play is Venice. As you increase your game level you will unlock more and more pictures and puzzles to play. An unlocked picture's appearance will change as it comes closer to being opened. When you reach the 'pay to play' level, the lock opens and pressing 'Research' brings up a screen stating that it can be unlocked for a (significant) amount of crystals. When you reach the 'free to open' level (typically two levels later), you will be presented with the quest to find the picture pieces - the picture will then be represented as four quadrants. As each piece is found per the quest, that section will fill with color. Finally, clicking on the unlocked picture with 4 colored quadrants will bring up a screen stating that a certain amount of coins and energy points are required to proceed. If you do so, you are presented with an irregular 'jigsaw' puzzle, which upon successful completion, turns the picture to 'Novice' level and unlocks a page in the Diary.


Your list of active quests are shown on the left hand side of your Home Desktop.

Number 13 in the picture of a Home Desktop shows the current list of quests, and Number 14 shows a new quest that has appeared. New quests are marked with exclamation symbols until you open them and read the instructions. Quests that have multiple parts will also rise to the top of your list and have an exclamation mark if you have completed one part of them.

Active TalismansEdit

To help you investigate pictures or puzzles, you can activate Talismans (many of which are also Artifacts) from your Inventory. Number 15 in the picture of a Home Desktop shows active Talismans, along with a timer showing how long the Talisman has left before it is used up.

Desktop AwardsEdit

Number 16 in the picture of a Home Desktop are the desktop awards. These awards are given out for reaching certain milestones in the game.

Other Sections of the GameEdit

In addition to pictures and puzzles, you can also access other areas of the game from your Home Desktop. At the bottom of your Home Desktop are 6 tabs that open additional sections of the game.


You can access your inventory by pressing the Inventory icon (Number 17 in the picture of a Home Desktop) Your inventory contains all items you have won in the game except for collection items, which can be found in the Collections section.


The Shop icon (Number 18 in the picture of a home desktop) opens the Shop. Here you can buy any items you may find in your inventory for either coins or crystals won in the game or bought from the bank. Additional high level versions of certain items such as Talismans and Chests that cannot be won in the game can also be bought in the shop.


As you play through the quests you will unlock pages of your Diary (Number 19 in the picture of a Home Desktop). Opening the Diary allows you to re-read all the pages you have unlocked so far.


The Collections icon (Number 20 in the picture of a Home Desktop) opens the Collections section of the game. Here you can combine Collections and Artifacts as well as manage your wish list.


The Awards icon (Number 21 in the picture of a Home Desktop) opens the list of awards that can be won in the game. This includes both the desktop awards and all other awards that can be achieved as you play.


The Friends icon (Number 22 in the picture of a home desktop) opens up the Friends section of the game.

You might see signs of your friends activity on your Home Desktop such as a check mark next to one of your desktop awards a friend has charged while visiting you. Any picture or puzzle charged by a visiting friend will have a profession icon in the top left corner of its frame (Number 23 in the picture of a Home Desktop)

When you have new gifts waiting to accept, an icon of a wrapped present will appear on the right hand side of your Home Desktop with the number of gifts waiting listed in the box beneath the icon  (Number 24 in the picture of a Home Desktop). Pressing this icon will bring you directly to the Gifts tab of the Friends Section.