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The Hanami Festival Update was released on 16 April 2018 for Android and iOS devices; 17 April 2018 for Amazon Fire devices; 20 April 2018 for Mac computers; 19 April 2018 for Windows computers.

The Hanami Festival Update introduces 1 new picture - Japanese Shrine (the event picture); 125 new quests and 25 new collections.

Hanami Festival Event Edit

The Hanami Festival event begins when a player reaches game level 7 in the game (or automatically after downloading the update if the player is already above level 7).

It contains 3 challenges. Players have a set number of days (usually around 28) to complete the following tasks:

Hanami Festival
  • Collect 500 Kanzashi by winning games of Jigsaw to earn the 'Dragon Box'.
  • Complete 30 special quests to win the one-off Talisman of Awakening which increases energy restoration by 5 times for 24 hours.
  • Achieve 'Academician' level in Japanese Shrine to win 2 unique avatars, one male and one female.

Important: The amount of time available for the Hanami Festival timed challenges will vary across platforms. It is important to note that the Challenge timer begins counting down from the moment the update is released in a devices app store, and not from the moment a player downloads the update. If an update with a set of timed challenges is released in your app store with 28 days to complete the challenges and you wait 15 days to download the new update, when you download it you will only have 13 days left to complete the challenge, not 28.

If you need help on how to tackle any of these challenges, see the Hints and Tips for Event Challenges page.

The Jigsaw Challenge - Collecting Kanzashi Edit

Players can win the Dragon's Chest, which contains energy items, a chest, a talisman, and a weight.

Dragon Box 2018

Dragon Box


Kanzashi can be won by winning games of Jigsaw

Players can win the Dragon's Box by collecting 500 Kanzashi. Kanzashi can only be won by successfully completing the Jigsaw puzzle. For each successful win of Jigsaw, you will win between 2-5 Kanzashi as one of the rewards for completing the puzzle. It is chance how many Kanzashi you will get after any given play. You can think of it like rolling a 4-sided dice. On average you will get 3.5 Kanzashi per play. Therefore, it will require approximately 143 plays of Jigsaw to complete the challenge.

When you open the Research Window for Jigsaw by tapping on the Jigsaw puzzle icon on your Home Desktop you will see Kanzashi listed as the first item in the 'Can be found' list for the puzzle. Kanzashi are available to win for every play of the puzzle at every puzzle level.

Once the challenge is complete, a notification screen will appear to say that you have collected all 500 Kanzashi and won the Dragon's Box.

However daunting it may seem, all of the Timed Challenges are designed to be completable within the given time limit, so it is possible to collect 500 Kanzashi well within the time given. The task is designed to be challenging, but it is not impossible!

The Unique Avatars - Getting Japanese Shrine to Academician Level Edit

Avatars Hanami Festival
Players can win the unique Avatars by playing the new picture Japanese Shrine  until they increase its scene progress level up to Academician Level during the Hanami Festival timed challenge event.

For the duration of the Hanami Festival Update, Fan special items are required in addition to energy points to play Japanese Shrine.  They were removed as a requirement by the following update, Family Mystery Update.

Fan special item

Fans are required in addition to Energy points for each play of Japanese Shrine

While the Timed Challenges are active (before you complete all three, or the timer expires, whichever happens first), Fans are given as rewards for every successful investigation for every picture except Japanese Shrine itself, and as rewards for banishing anomalies, but not for playing puzzles. At least 1 Fan is given for every game you win, but winning up to 3 at a time is also possible.

Fans cannot be gifted between friends, however they are given as rewards for combining 5 of the new Hanami Festival collections, and they can be given as rewards by the Sphere of Miracles and Pyramid of Wonder (1 in 6 chance of receiving Fans when collecting the rewards every 12 hours).

The number of Fans needed for each play of Japanese Shrine increases as you increase the Picture Levels (+5 Fans per Level increase), starting at 5 Fans per play when the picture is opened at Novice Level and increasing to 45 Fans per play when the picture is at Grand Magister Level.

As a guide, in order to reach Academician Level on Japanese Shrine and win the new Avatar, you will need to play the picture approximately 150 times, which will require approximately 3285 Fans.  This can be reduced to 2628 Fans if using a talisman which reduces the number of special items required by 20%, such as the Amulet of Santa, Amulet of Rarities, Sapphire Amulet, or the one-off Halloween Talisman (2017) from the Halloween's Horror Update.

Level  % progress per play of picture at level No. plays needed for 100% (i.e. to reach next level) Fans per play at level Total Fans to reach next level
Novice 20% 5 5 25
Trainee 12-13%

(+25% every 2 plays)

8 10 80

8-9% (+25% every 3 plays)

12 15 180
Pro 4% 25 20 500
High Explorer 1% 100 25 2500
Total to Academician level 3285

As soon as you return to your Home Desktop after playing Japanese Shrine for the 150th time, a notification screen will appear to say that the avatar challenge is complete and you have won both of the unique avatars.

Both avatars will automatically go into the Avatar section, but will not automatically replace your current avatar. To use either of the new avatars, you must tap on your current avatar to bring up the avatars window. Tap on the avatar to select it.

The Challenge Quests: The Talisman of Awakening Edit

Talisman of Awakening

The Talisman of Awakening can be won by completing the 30 challenge quests, marked by the special border in the quests list on the left hand side of the Home Desktop.

The Talisman of Awakening can be won once a player completes all 30 of the special Hanami Festival event challenge quests introduced as part of the update. The quests must be completed within the time limit of the Timed Challenge in order to unlock the Talisman.

Once the quests are completed, the Talisman of Awakening automatically goes into your Inventory.

A notification screen will appear to say that the 30 challenge quests are complete and you have won the Talisman of Awakening, but you must go to the Talisman section of the Inventory itself to see and use the new Talisman.

Hanami Festival Quest Completion Notification

Once activated, the Talisman of Awakening will increase energy restoration by 5 times for 24 hours.

In addition to winning the Talisman of Awakening, players will also be able to combine the New Beginnings Amulet once they have completed the 30 challenge quests since the collections combined as part of the 30 quests create the 5 items needed to combine this Artifact.

New Beginnings Amulet

The New Beginnings Amulet, which players will be able to combine after completing the 30 Challenge Quests

Once the quests are completed, players must manually combine the New Beginnings Amulet. To do this, open the Collections Window and select the Artifacts tab. Locate the New Beginnings Amulet and press the green Combine button.

You will need 20 each of the following combining elements to combine the Artifact - Second Hand, Minute Hand, Hour Hand and Clock Face. All Artifact combining elements can be won by combining collections in the game. You can also be given these combining elements as free gifts by your friends. Like collection combining elements, Artifact combining elements are free gifts and do not come out of your inventory when you send them as gifts to your friends.

Once combined, the New Beginnings Amulet will go into the Talisman tab of your Inventory, where it can be activated. Once activated, the New Beginnngs Amulet will decrease energy consumption by 10% for 24 hours.

Winning the Talisman of Awakening Edit

A special decorative border in the quest list marks the 30 quests needed to win the Talisman of Awakening. Other quests added by the update, with regular gold borders, do not count towards the 30 when completed.

Hanami Festival Quest Border

The decorative border for quests which count toward winning the Talisman of Awakening

Note: the very first quest that displays the special decorative border is the quest to find the picture pieces needed to unlock and open the Japanese Shrine picture. However, this quest does not count towards the 30 quests needed to win the Talisman of Awakening. This means there are actually 31 quests that display the decorative border, but only the last 30 of them count towards the challenge. But importantly, you will need to complete this first quest in order to complete the challenge as the 30 quests that make up the challenge will not start until this quest is completed (there is only ever one quest with a special decorative border active at any one time) and the other quests require you to play the picture Japanese Shrine (which this quest opens).

The special 30 quests that must be completed in order to win the Talisman of Awakening consist of 5 collection sequences of 6 quests each. The first 5 quests of each sequence are to find each of the 5 items belonging to one new collection added by the update. The 6th quest is to combine the collection.

The 5 collections players gather as they complete the 30 quests are:

  1. Japanese decor (combines to create "Teak room divider" and rewards 10 Fans when combined)
  2. Plush dolls (combines to create "Cat doll" and rewards 15 Fans when combined)
  3. Japanese lunch (combines to create "Bento box" and rewards 20 Fans when combined)
  4. Rock gardening kit (combines to create "Bonsai tree" and rewards 25 Fans when combined)
  5. Yozakura party (combines to create "Picnic basket" and rewards 30 Fans when combined)

All the items that make up these collections cannot be gifted between friends (they do not have green plus signs to add them to your wish list and they will not appear in the 'Send a collection item' tab when sending gifts to your friends.

They are all also 'Quest only' items, which means that they cannot be won normally by playing pictures/puzzles. They are only available to win in a picture while the quest for the particular item is activated and will stop being available to win in that picture once the quest is completed. They may also drop as random items when you are visiting your friends and charging their desktops; from the Collectors Desktop award when collecting its rewards; and from opening Pandora's Chests, however whether or not you get any of these items in those ways is completely up to chance.

This means that the only way to complete these special quests is to follow the special quest instructions as you get the quests.

The Challenge Quests Edit

The 30 special quests that are needed to win the Talisman of Awakening are:

Quest Number Quest Name Quest Instructions Item Won Collection Sequence
0 An Ephemeral Memory Investigate the photo in "Text" mode to find an object Pieces of "Japanese Shrine" Picture N/A
1 Gleaming Box Investigate "Japanese Shrine " to find an object Lacquered box Japanese decor
2 Hanging One's Hopes Investigate "Japanese Shrine" to find an object Wall hanging Japanese decor
3 Ceramic Geisha Investigate "Japanese Shrine" to find an object Ceramic geisha Japanese decor
4 Curtain Call Investigate "Japanese Shrine" to find an object Split curtains Japanese decor
5 Organic Pillow Investigate "Japanese Shrine" to find an object Buckwheat pillow Japanese decor
6 Divide and Conquer You must gather (combine) the collection to obtain the object Teak room divider Japanase decor
7 A Gray Day Investigate "Japanese Shrine" to find an object Dog doll Plush dolls
8 Two Is Company Investigate "Japanese Shrine" to find an object Bear doll Plush dolls
9 If You Give a Dog a Bear... Investigate "Japanese Shrine" to find an object Fish doll Plush dolls
10 A Veritable Menagerie Investigate "Japanese Shrine" to find an object Hamster doll Plush dolls
11 The Joy of Giving Investigate "Japanese Shrine" to find an object Rabbit doll Plush dolls
12 One Last Thing You must gather (combine) the collection to obtain the object Cat doll Plush dolls
13 Fueling the Festivities Investigate "Japanese Shrine" to find an object Empty box Japanese lunch
14 Technique Is Everything Investigate "Japanese Shrine" to find an object Chopsticks Japanese lunch
15 Proper Wrapping Investigate "Japanese Shrine" to find an object Seaweed Japanese lunch
16 Not Just Any Rice Investigate "Japanese Shrine" to find an object Bowl of rice Japanese lunch
17 An Acquired Taste Investigate "Japanese Shrine" to find an object Sliced salmon Japanese lunch
18 A Full Meal You must gather (combine) the collection to obtain the object Bento box Japanese lunch
19 Growing a Garden Investigate "Japanese Shrine" to find an object Gardening guide Rock gardening kit
20 A Solid Foundation Investigate "Japanese Shrine" to find an object Bag of sand Rock gardening kit
21 A Discerning Eye Investigate "Japanese Shrine" to find an object Smooth rock Rock gardening kit
22 More Spirit Investigate "Japanese Shrine" to find an object Jagged rock Rock gardening kit
23 Akin to Water Investigate "Japanese Shrine" to find an object Rake Rock gardening kit
24  A Hint of Green You must gather (combine) the collection to obtain the object Bonsai tree Rock gardening kit
25 A Grand Scheme Investigate "Japanese Shrine" to find an object White lantern Yozakura party
26 Distractions, Distractions Investigate "Japanese Shrine" to find an object Golden twine Yozakura party
27 Rice Wine Investigate "Japanese Shrine" to find an object Bottle of sake Yozakura party
28 Covering Ground Investigate "Japanese Shrine" to find an object Folded blanket Yozakura party
29 A Basket of Joy Investigate "Japanese Shrine" to find an object Wicker basket Yozakura party
30 Celebration and Appreciation You must gather (combine) the collection to obtain the object Picnic basket Yozakura party

Collections Added with the Hanami Festival Update Edit

Along with the 5 challenge collections for the Hanami Festival Event, this update added 20 new regular collections. These collections continue the main story line of the Diary.

The following are the this event's quest driven collections that are needed to combine for the New Beginnings Amulet artifact: Future updates will determine if these collections will continue to result in this artifact.

  1. Japanese decor
  2. Plush dolls
  3. Japanese lunch
  4. Rock gardening kit
  5. Yozakura party

Additional collections added but unrelated to the Hanami Festival Event.

  1. Rätselschmidt files - Non-Event collection - item created used to make the Amulet of Rebirth artifact
  2. Rachel’s belongings
  3. Gold melting tools
  4. Ancient souvenirs
  5. Car break-in
  6. Missing books - Non-Event collection - item created used to make the Amulet of Rebirth artifact
  7. The Archivist’s remedies
  8. Watercolor series
  9. Oil painting set
  10. Gold assessment
  11. Divination potion
  12. The psychic’s tools
  13. Lewis’s recovery
  14. Shadowy research - Non-Event collection - item created used to make the Amulet of Rebirth artifact
  15. Healing elixir - Non-Event collection - item created used to make the Amulet of Rebirth artifact
  16. Art history class
  17. Rätselschmidt heirlooms
  18. German feast
  19. Oil painting series
  20. Traveler’s necessities - Non-Event collection - item created used to make the Amulet of Rebirth artifact

Changes with this Update Edit

Special Item conversion Edit

Upon opening the Hanami Festival Update, any remaining Coins of Happiness in the player’s inventory (special items from the Chinese New Year Update) are converted into equal parts Ladybugs, Fireflies, Carrots, Cupid’s arrows, and Tokens. Any inventory of other special items from previous events is also converted. Chinese Teahouse is now free to investigate with energy points.

Hidden Object Name Changes Edit

Many hidden objects in many pictures have been renamed. There are too many to document here; they have been noted on the pages for the individual pictures.

Artefacts renamed to Artifacts Edit

The Artefacts tab of the Collections section is now called Artifacts.

New Artifact: 'Amulet of Rebirth' Edit

Amulet of Rebirth

Amulet of Rebirth

This Update also added Amulet of Rebirth. This Artifact is made by combining 5 new collections not related to the Timed Challenge Event. Once activated, the Amulet of Rebirth increases the energy obtained by using energy (food) items by 25% for 48 hours.

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