First page of the Diary

The Diary section, accessed by pressing the Diary icon on your Home Desktop keeps track of the storyline in the Secret Society: Hidden Mystery game.

You play as an unidentified new recruit to the mysterious Order of the Explorers. The Order of the Explorers are people with the unique ability to move through worlds using photographs.

Your Uncle Richard, an elite member of the Order of the Explorers, has gone missing. It is up to you to discover what has happened to him and save the Order of the Explorers. You do this by tracing his footsteps and searching the places he has been. By piecing together Richard's old photographs you unlock new worlds to investigate, new games to play and new objects to find. All the information you gather as you try to unravel the mystery of Richard's disappearance is kept in your Diary.

Using the DiaryEdit

Once you complete the guided tutorial and are free to play the game, your Diary begins with the first 5 pages unlocked. As you complete certain quests in the game, you will unlock new pages of your Diary. A new Diary entry will also be made for every new picture you open (except for Venice, which is open when you start a new game and does not have a Diary entry of its own). Also, during events, completing the set of challenge quests will also unlock a diary page relating to that event.

Opening the Diary using the Diary icon on your Home Desktop allows you to reread all the pages you have unlocked so far. The order of the pages of the Diary depends on the order you complete certain quest chains and the order you open up new pictures in the game. Additionally, players who download and start playing the game after certain updates may not have access to some quests and therefore not have the ability to unlock some Diary pages. This means that every Secret Society: Hidden Mystery player's Diary may have a slightly different page order. You may need to unravel the true order of the pages yourself to follow the story line of the game.

People in the gameEdit

You play as someone who unexpectedly inherited the Mansion and its staff (Christy the secretary and Alfred the butler) after your uncle Richard disappeared.

Richard was a member of the Order of Explorers, a clandestine group of people who have the ability to find 'lost' items in magical photos.

The major antagonist in the game is the Exiled One (Maklar) who desired to use a mystical Artifact that is closely guarded by the Order's inner circle and was exiled for that reason.

Richard was the Keeper of the Artifact and disappeared to keep it safe from Maklar.

The supporting cast and their relation to Richard:

Christy - Richard's secretary

Alfred - Richard's butler

Howard - Richard's closest friend in the Order, your mentor

Rosalind - A psychic that has worked with Richard in the past

May G - Owner of an antique shop who has worked with Richard; searching for her sister Amanda, a dollmaker and art forger trying to escape from Goldsmith's control

Michael - A collector who has apparently enlisted Richard's assistance

Steffan - A bounty hunter who hates the Order after failing to track down Cornelius

Cornelius - A senior member of the Order who transformed himself into a ghost; had taken both Richard and Maklar under his wing as apprentices and apparently the instigator of the game's main storyline

Vincent - past apprentice of Richard's who had no magical abilities, but is a very skilled photographer

Lewis - artist and Richard's other student; he has all the abilities of an Order member

Archivist - old member of the Order, who oversees its library

John Doe - a local policeman who has enlisted Richard's abilities to find lost items

Rachel Fall - journalist determined to find out more about the Order after her parents disappeared; her real name is Mary Agate. She was raised by her and Dietrich's grandfather, Gustav Rätselschmidt.

Dietrich Rätselschmidt - cousin of Rachel (Mary) and a member of the Order; looking for information on his grandfather Gustav

Danny - a world traveler and who has obtained items for both Richard and Cornelius

Alice - a young girl who was trapped in a magical photo; she has appeared and disappeared over the decades as her photo is restored or destroyed

Gabriel Goldsmith - a wealthy and ruthless businessman and collector, a rival of Michael. Manipulative and overbearing; claims to know unsavory information about most of the other game characters.

Jacqueline - Christy's grandmother and Alfred's long-ago girlfriend, before their careers took them in separate directions.

Dara Myers - Witch (introduced to the game with the Family Mystery Update v1.31.3100, (May 2018). It remains to be seen whether she will eventually replace Rosalind.

Ramon Martinez de Lara - Knight of the Conclave of Inquisitors. Introduced with the Stars of the Summer Nights Update v1.32.3200 (July, 2018)

Angelica - Ramon de Lara's cousin. (introduced with the Dangerous Journey Update v1.33.3300 August 2018)

Madame Bridget Verington - Voodoo priestess and owner of Verington's Magic Shop. Uncle Richard and Ramon de Lara go missing after visiting the Magic Shop. (introduced with the Dangerous Journey Update v1.33.3300 August 2018)

Shadow - First appears in the game at the end of the challenge quests during the Halloween Masquerade Ball Update. v1.34.3400 October 2018

Jackie - Prisoner in Black Jack's dungeon. Introduced with the Thanksgiving Day Update. v1.35.3500 November 2018

Black Jack - Owner of the castle in the Shadow world where Ramon is held prisoner for the Shadow. Introduced during the Thanksgiving Day Update. v1.35.3500 November 2018.

Cillian Delaney - son of Alan Delaney, deceased. During the Christmas Magic Update, Black Jack sends Cillian to the Mansion for help. Cillian's step mother, Evelin Delaney is up to something.

Diary PagesEdit

The slideshow below shows many of the Diary pages unlocked playing through the storyline of the Secret Society: Hidden Mystery. The order of the pages in the slideshow may differ from the order you see in your own Diary for the reasons described above.