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The Collections Tab contains a list of all collections available in the game. Here you can view and update your wish list; combine new collections you have all the items and combining elements for; and search through your partially completed and uncompleted Collections.

You may see a pop-up window after you have all five items in a collection.  It will say "you can gather the collection."  Ignore this.  Be careful to not combine the collection until you get a task (quest) telling you that you must gather the collection.  If the collection is of non-giftable items, be especially careful because it will be very difficult to find the items again.  Also do not combine any collections to make an Artifact unless you are certain you have satisfied all the collection tasks.

Combining prompt

This is an example of the pop up

IMG 0009

This is an example of the regular quest collection prompt

To enter the Collections Tab press the 'Collections' icon on the bottom of your Home Desktop.

Collections TabEdit

The default open tab in the Collections section is the list of the games collections. There are 2 sorting options within this tab:

  1. Sorting enabled: when sorting is enabled the collections are listed in order of their completion level. Collections that are ready to combine are listed first, followed by collections for which all 5 items have been found but not all combining elements needed to combine. Next collections where 4 of the 5 items have been found are listed, followed by collections where 3 of the 5 items have been found, down to collections where no items have been found yet.
  2. Sorting disabled: when sorting is disabled collections are listed in the order they have been added to the game. The original collections are listed first (starting with the 'Coin Collection'), and are listed in the order the quests appear in the game. After the original collections, groups of collections are listed in the order of the date of the update that added them. Collections added by the Halloween update (October 2013) that are unrelated to the Halloween quests are listed before the collections that formed part of the Halloween quests. The collections added with the Christmas update (December 2013) are listed next, followed by the collections added by the Valentines update (February 2014). These are followed by the collections added by the Tavern update (May 2014); Treasure Island Update (September 2014); Halloween 2014 Update (October 2014); and then the Christmas 2014 Update (December 2014). The last collections are the ones most recently added by the Spring 2015 Update (April 2015).

List of CollectionsEdit

See List of Collections page for a complete list of collections available in the game since the last update as well as the rewards obtained for combining each collection. See the List of Collection Items for the same list, but with each item within each collection named so as to aid searching for specific quest items, and see the List of Collection Item Locations for the same expanded list, but with each regular and quest location for each item listed. Note: The List of Collection Item Locations is quite a large and cumbersome list, so it is better to use the smaller List of Collections page if you know which collection you are looking for, or if you are simply trying to find the collections that reward particular rewards.

List of Combining ElementsEdit

See the Combining Elements page for a complete list of combining elements available in the game as well as the rewards obtained for combining each collection,

and the List of Combining Element Requirements for a full list of which combining elements are needed to combine each collection.

Artifacts TabEdit

The second tab accessible in the Collections section shows the Artifacts currently available in the game. Artifacts are created by combining 5 sets of 5 collections items already combined.


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