• Only8

    List of Collections Without Request Button

    This is a preliminary list of collections in the game without the Request Button through v1.37.37

    Collection # Collection Name Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 Item 5 Picture Quest Request Button
    167 Halloween mood Frightened pumpkin Angry pumpkin Thoughtful pumpkin Sleepy pumpkin Crying pumpkin Blocks No Yes
    168 Halloween decorations Pumpkin garland Mummy candles Cobwebs Floating eyes Dancing skeleton Pipes No Yes
    169 Halloween fuss Checkered shirt Denim overalls Straw hat Burlap sack head Straw Memory Match No Yes
    170 Halloween facade Vampire Zombie Goblin Devil Warlock Gem Match No Yes
    190 Christmas decorations Angel Cones Pine wreath Star Candy cane Chri…

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  • Only8

    The Graveyard

    March 5, 2019 by Only8
    "Where good information comes to die."

    The Graveyard is the page on the wiki. It is a long-forgotten page with Hints and Tips no longer relevant to the game. No one goes there. Zero-page views for this wiki article. Except for me.

    Then the game began to change. Pictures were changing, major revisions needed to be done. The revisions were made and the old was preserved. The old and new became intertwined. This worked but with one major update the game changed, and it changed drastically. How to fit an entirely new way of playing the game, with old and new on the same page? A place to bring the old information to and preserve it was needed. Created March 12, 2014, one day after the creation of the wiki, The Graveyard could possibly begin to fu…

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  • Starry125

    miss mytona

    March 1, 2019 by Starry125

    The gifting trouble seemed fixed, but mine aren't registering.  I'll send gifts but wait to click on all but one of mine daily. Have no clue if they are really making it my friends' inboxes.  Really wish SSHM was still under pre-buyout MyTona. Why I changed my add code to miss mytona - bad pun, I know - but easy to remember. I'm also an unmarried female lol
    Actually I feel pretty upset about G5 taking over and perhaps, not so slowly but fatally running into the ground a game I have really enjoyed playing. Given a choice between the original code developers on one hand and bullying platform providers on the other, well...

    Think I'd rather go back to Pogo than send G5 money for nearly constant frustration of one form or another. Seems like the…

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  • Podaci

    UPDATED 18 March 2019

    Some Windows and iOS players are affected by a "Frozen Desktop" glitch. This is very much like FWL.  I don't know yet whether it also affects wish lists; I have heard of some frozen wish lists and one cause of that has been identified ("Forest House/Theater CI Glitch.")  Frozen Desktop means that your level and progress are not being uploaded to the server.  The level that friends see in the Star is correct.  If they visit they might see a lower level (below your avatar) and less progress.  It is especially obvious when we have an active event and we do not see the decorative border on our friend's desktop.  I have seen a few desktops that appear to have frozen when the player got the most recent update.

    The options as I…

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  • Nugu54

    Nugu54 in this Wiki, GFAG in the game.

    This Blog is for all my Friends who play the Secret Society Hidden Mystery game who are not using this supporting Wiki, but are having trouble with Friends gifting them items over and over from an old Wish List. I would urge you to please register with this Wiki as you can get support and help here and know that you are not alone with this problem.

    This is because you are most likely to be frozen. Frozen means that your Wish List becomes frozen so that, although you change your Wish List to something new, your friends will still only see your old Wish List that was there at the time you became frozen.

    Your Username also becomes frozen so that any Friend searching for you will still see your old name. Ho…

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  • Nugu54

    Dressing Room Series

    December 24, 2018 by Nugu54

    This series introduces Prisoner Jackie, Black Jack and Cillian Delaney. Cillian Delaney is the so of Alan Delaney, with actress Evelin Delaney being his stepmother. Black Jack is the Shadow’s trusted Commander who pretended to be the Prisoner Jackie.

    1. Don’t Close the Door
    2. Into the Darkness
    3. Cerberbus
    4. Smiling Prisoner (Opens Diary Page “A Prisoner Named Jackie” after getting 2nd item “Hunk of Bread”)
    5. When Angels Cry (followed by investigate any 3 locations)
    6. Winding Path
    7. Shuffling Cards
    8. Alchemy
    9. Castles and Dungeons (followed by investigate any photo in Night Mode)
    10. Freedom
    11. Against His Will (Opens Diary Page “The Backstabber” after collecting the 1st item “Magician” tarot card)
    12. Hide and Seek with Death
    13. Society Lioness
    14. In the Queen’s Way (Opens Diary Page “H…
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  • Goathouse

    From goathouse to your house...Happy Holidays everyone! A Supreme Court judge recently declared, "I like beer." I'm here to admit that I like goats! (In a tree; by my knee; come live with me...Dr. Suess). I also like a tree; wild and free. You get the gist of it.

    Happy Holidays to all you SecretSociety a tree; wishing for a G5 fix...and a partridge in a pear tree! You know the story!  (With great gobs of Love for the genius and creativity behind Green Eggs and Ham.) Hey, maybe we should all chip in and send G5 a Sam I Am book so they can recognize real creativity? But I honestly don't think they'd recognize it if a goat bit them on the *ss, at least not for 6 months, right? 

    And a special Christmas wish for the FWL fix f…

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  • Danielcr213

    Problè avec TT

    November 13, 2018 by Danielcr213

    J'ai un problème avec la date.

    J'ai par erreur fait un TT dans le futur. Voici que maintenant je n'ai plus accès aux cadeaux que l'on reçoit quotidiennement des succès obtenus. Exemple, si je clique sur la sphère qui est sur mon bureau, elle m'indique que je recevrai cette récompense dans 427 heures.

    Es-t-il possible de remettre le compteur à la durée normale.

    Merci de votre aide ou de référer ce message à quelqu'un qui pourrait m'aider à régulariser la situation.

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  • Nugu54

    As well the Collections making up the Scarab Tallisman, we had another 2 Collections, one starting with the Collection “Angelica”, and the other starting with the Collection “Taming the Curse”. I am recording the Collections as I go along to help Meterman80 with his Diary project.


    1. Angelica

    Collection Item Assignor Picture Mode (if any)
    Bottle of Perfume Howard

    Gold Watch Christy Actress’s Room

    Chocolates Christy Bakery Pairs
    Violin Dara Myers Living Room

    Spools of Thread Dara Myers Adventure City In Pieces
    Gathered to get “Embroidery Hoop” (Dara Myers)

    2. Family Curse

    Collection Item Assignor Picture Mode (if any)
    Crystal Apple Bridget Living Room

    Quill and ink Bridget Living Room…

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  • MatsunoJo

    G5 Support email

    October 23, 2018 by MatsunoJo

    I have sent messages to the G5 Support team and got some polite and nice replies, too.* I first contacted them through this contact form and then by replying to the emails.

    I have a few pieces of advice when you send messages or email to them.

    1. If you notice something out of ordinary happen in the game, write down the exact time immediately. If the problem/irregularity occurred in a specific picture or mode, take note on that too. You may not notice if there was some harm done to your game right away, but the technical team can find that action/error more easily if something did happen.

    2. When you see something out of ordinary, take a screenshot. You can add images to your message even on the G5 website. If you don't k…

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  • Jujumouse

    Hello and thank you so much for swinging by to read this. So I’ve bit the reset bullet and got some help from an extra special friend here. I am starting over with some perks but I am no longer waiting for the developers to fix the FWL issue. I look forward to the challenge of leveling up my frames this is where all you wonderful Wiki Peeps come in🙂 I am looking for tools and energy collections...anything and everything will be much appreciated as I start this journey over.

    Thank you 😊 Your friend, Judy aka Jujumouse

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  • Lynzzfarm


    October 15, 2018 by Lynzzfarm

    I have 3 quests that I cant ask for the item in and of course they are in Mill in 2 different modes. I have had in right mode 6 times and all the friends help and buffs I can use and still NOTHING. Im sick of it . I need LADYBUGS and friends can only send 1 bug seriously...

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  • Haleyisme

    Hello to all. I've been playing the game now for a few years and have slowly built up a few regular players over the years. Sadly due to FWL and other issues a lot of those friends have moved on to other games now.

    I have tried the code boards and find a lot of bird seakers looking to build on their levels, which is great if your going after a higher level.

    For myself I am looking for some regular players who like to give and receive on a ongoing event. These type of people are hard to find without jumping from board to board, soliciting new friends.

    As such I blog out the request for new friends who feel the same as I do. Drop by and say hello if you are interested in having a new friend who likes to give back.


    Haley, aka Haleyisme

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  • Malmic


    September 21, 2018 by Malmic

    OK, I've become hooked - not just on the game but with all of its sidelines - from Symphalian birds and now tonight it's the antikythera mechanism - If I don't know what it is I'll google and by golly I'm learning more now in my retirement than I ever did at school or 'work' - I'm going to put this on my message wall blog - just because somebody else just might accompany me on my journey of discovery ...

    07:29, September 21, 2018 (UTC)Malmic (talk)

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  • Blondie4k69


    September 9, 2018 by Blondie4k69

    Hi all so I'm completely new and could use a whole lot of introductions so if you have any useful information feel free to post below

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  • Jo285

    Almost 6 months old

    September 9, 2018 by Jo285

    Lucy at 22 weeks

    She is an adorable little girl.

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  • Haleyisme

    When you walk to the edge of all the light you have and take that first step into the darkness of the unknown, you must believe that one of two things will happen. There will be something solid for you to stand upon or you will be taught to fly.”

    ― Patrick Overton.

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  • Shawn DN

    [1] My family and I are in a very desperate situation and need immediate help.  Please help us if you can or share my post so that we might get the help we need before it's too late. Thank you very much! Sincerely, Shawn

    Although we were in our legal right, my family and I have only until midnight tomorrow (August 15 is our last day) to find a place and the money to move (roughly $2,000) before losing all of our furnishings and being forced on to the streets. My attorneys were beside themselves after witnessing this blatant injustice. I was not allowed to defend myself and my witnesses were not allowed to speak. I have no hope of avoiding homelessness without he…

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  • Nugu54

    I have 24 characters altogether (including the unknown woman who I’m adding at the end as “Unknown”) who initiate the tasks which are (alphabetically):-

    Character Description
    Alfred Butler
    Alice Adopted little girl
    Amar Singh Snake Charmer and Herbalist (introduced in the “Sound of the Sarangi” Collection from what I call the Dressing Room Series, as it started with opening the Dressing Room Picture.
    Angelica Little girl who is Ramon’s cousin
    Archivist Himself
    Bridget A Voodoo Priestess
    Christy Secretary
    Cillian Delaney Son of Alan and Stepson of Evelin Delaney
    Cornelius Ghost (Ghost in the Tasks)
    Danny World Explorer
    Dara Myers Researcher of shadows AKA a witch
    Dietrich Grandson of Gustav
    Goldsmith Ruthless businessman and collector. He is a member of …

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  • Nugu54

    (Dave) Wiki Julia Title of Diary Pages

    Venice - First picture, not in Diary
    (1) 1 1 Unexpected Inheritance
    (2) 2 2 Secretary Christie
    (3) 3 3 Mysterious Disappearance
    (4) 4 4 Buddha’s Square
    (5) 5 5 Butler Alfred
    (6) 6 6 Throne Room
    (7) 7 7 Mysterious Message
    (8) 8 8 Hidden Threat
    (11) 11 9 Supreme Explorer Howard
    (13) 14 10 Japanese House
    (12) 10 11 Spoiled Album
    (10) 9 12 Ominous anomalies
    (16) 12 13 Mayan Temple
    (14) 13 14 Another threatening note
    (15) 15 15 Photographer Vincent
    (17) 16 16 Policeman John Doe
    (19) 17 17 Mysterious shadow
    (20) 18 18 Advice of a stranger
    (21) 115 19 Forest House
    (9) 55 20 Witch’s Hut
    (18) 19 21 Ghost Town
    (23) 22 22 Madam May G
    (24) 20 23 Article (Art gallery visitor inexplicabbly vanishes)
    (22) 21 24 Joy Cafe
    (28) 25 25 Polar Station
    26 Wonder Shop
    BLANK 24 27 First Explorer (or First S…

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  • Jujumouse

    🙋🏻‍♀️Hello Wiki Peeps 🐥

    I’m really trying to stick around but this FWL issue has bummed me out. I will post here and the wiki page my WL items.

    At the moment I could use any collection that rewards dynamite😃 and a charging element to match.

    Thanks and hope to keep up with you all!!

    Thank you for your visits and gifts, really appreciate not being forgotten 😘


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  • NowayJosie

    I've been wanting to try this for a long time, and my game isn't working right now, so here goes!

    The opinions in this blog are based on my experience (level 848) gained as a player while I was trying to get the red friendship bird.  I had originally started thinking I was going all the way to the 5000 player gold bird, but, after finding out how much work was involved, I decided that I couldn't do a good job for that many friends and that stopping at the red bird (2000) was a better plan for me.  Fortunately you don't loose a color level if you downsize after you get the one you are seeking, so I have done that.  Many thanks to all the special people who I encountered on this journey.  😺

    Now for the actual free advice (guaranteed worth ever…

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  • Podaci

    UPDATE February 7, 2019 Frozen Wish List was fixed with the release of version 1.37.37xx on January 28, 2019.  Almost everything related to Friends in SSHM was changed with the new integration of SSHM into the existing "G5 Friends" (TM) platform.   I am going to leave the rest of this blog in place for now.  This was the longest-running, most serious technical problem SSHM had since I started playing.

    • Be sure your iPad or iPhone data is being backed up to iCloud or to a computer.
    • Change your game name to indicate that your Wish List is frozen.  There is one place where your friends can see this new name, and that is when they open their game and see the list of players who visited them.  Charge at least one thing for each friend every day and…

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  • Jujumouse

    Event Link

    June 27, 2018 by Jujumouse

    I couldnt figure out how to save a page for easy reference, I’ll just save the link!😉

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  • EnergyWoman

    Santa I wanted to say how sweet it has been seeing that you have been by to visit me. I know you must be so busy this time of year and yet you still came to see me🎁🎁🎁 Take care of yourself Santa we love you❤️❤️❤️

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  • CaitlinM

    For the purpose of gathering detailed information and adding to the quest database of this wiki, I have begun a new game of The Secret Society-Hidden Mystery.  The game name is “QuestSeeker”.  I hope to very carefully complete and document the quests in the order that follows the storylines. 

    As all players soon find out, the quests of this game often do not occur in their intented order.  A one-off item that does not drop in a timely manner will cause one storyline to stall while others continue.  A random dropped item from a desktop award or a thank-you gift can affect the dialogue that is shown and, perhaps, the order the tasks are presented.  I suspect that unlocking new pictures before completing quests associated with earlier pictures may…

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  • PapillonBeauty

    My first blog post - hope it turns out okay! A few tips for the quests in our new event. 1. We normally try and get pur pictures into anomalies so we can earn more items to play the new picture faster. However this time g5 has given us a double-edge sword! Many of the quests are scattering anomalies so if we use them upfront then we have to play to get them back. Also g5 has us scattering 5 to 7 times before we conquer the quest. The three anomalies used in quests are scroll eater, time and mirror. You are safe to use any pics with the smoke as it is never a part of a quest. 2. Forest house and ancient library will require the curse to be played for a quest. It took me forever to get an anomaly to show up in those pics so you may w…

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  • HardcoreBambi
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  • Jo285

    Lovely Lucy

    May 25, 2018 by Jo285

    Now Lucy is 10 weeks old and still getting cuter!

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  • Meterman80

    Master diary index

    May 10, 2018 by Meterman80

    Index Category Completing this task releases page Title
    2 Character Opening page 'Unexpected Inheritance' in diary Secretary Christy
    5 Character Restoring picture: Buddha's Square Butler Alfred
    11 Character General quest: Welcome Supreme Explorer Howard
    12 Character General quest: Light in the Darkness Photographer Vincent
    15 Character General quest: A suspicious policeman Policeman John Doe
    19 Character General quest: Explorer meets Seller Madam May G
    34 Character Finding one-off item: Perfumed candles Psychic Rosalind
    35 Character Finding one-off item: Track pad Traveler Danny
    36 Character Finding one-off item: Metal ball The Ghost
    60 Character Finding one-off item: Lewis' medallion Artist Lewis
    63 Character Finding one-off item: Michael's list Col…

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  • Jb444


    May 1, 2018 by Jb444

    I am starting a new project, a Blog. I have read them, and enjoyed blogs. I will start educating myself and study this site's tools. Today is, 5-1-18. In the wee hours of this morning Hubby said, "Happy first day of May." Maybe, he remembered May Day, May Poles and other parts of May 1st from our childhood. I remember my class being taken to the playground and told to pick up a ribbon and make a circle around the Maypole, aka flag pole. The teacher began a song as we walked around the pole. The ribbons grew shorter and covered the pole to about our shoulder height. There seemed to be much a do about something I knew little about. I remember thinking then about the song of childhood, Ring around the Mulberry bush... That was not the song th…

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  • Meterman80

    Building a revamped diary with four sections - Characters, Storyline, Pictures, and Events. Everyone's diary has the pages in a different order, based on the order in which they complete the quests on their respective desktops, but are presented in their 'correct' order here (I may eventually choose to consolidate the character pages into the storyline album to make that part flow better).

    Because I skipped such a large portion of the game's history (I started my current game just after the Call from the Depth update), I am unable to access those pages that were revealed after each event's challenge quests were completed. Therefore, consider this a request of other wiki members to locate and upload the respective pages from the various even…

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  • CaitlinM

    I managed to collect images for Actress’s Room, Flower Shop, Observation Deck, Banquet Hall, Spooky Yard, Wonder Shop, Mountain Resort, Chinese Teahouse, Rock Stage, Spring Festival, Camping Site, Curiosities Room, Tropical Evening, Farm, Wigwam, Haunted Attraction, Luxury Express, Saloon, Festive Dinner, Orangery, Lost Laboratory, Tea Corner, Aviation Museum, Playground, Japanese Shrine, and Forester’s Base …

    BUT I pressed the wrong button on my keyboard and missed the Captain’s Cabin photo.  I know it’s silly, but I would love to have a complete set and haven't had much luck with Google.  Does anyone else have these screen shots?

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  • Hilo2

    Devil in the Details

    April 20, 2018 by Hilo2

    So Mr Uli had a great idea: let’s race to level 666. It seemed so far away and almost impossible. I have had a marvelous trek playing with my friends and meeting new ones along the way. Thanks to everyone for their support. The lads and I are finished. We need a nap and so are going someplace calming and warm. See ya soon👋👋👋

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  • Miribeth

    Explorer's Log, 5.8.17

    April 17, 2018 by Miribeth

    Originally posted May 8, 2017

    This set of posts was started when the G5 servers were down for almost a week.  I decided to collect them all in one location, with an eye to possibly continuing the series.

    Explorer's Log:

    I have been shockingly remiss in maintaining this log, but was reminded by finding logs in the Excavations and the Witch's Hut.  It appears to be the same log.  Am considering using it to whack that annoying Shadowy Figure on the head the next time he looms menacingly over my table and blocks the light.

    Numerous visits to the Forester's Cabin did not result in any further sightings of wildlife.  Results might improve if I spent more time watching out of the window (must remember to bring binoculars from Buddha's Square, or poss…

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  • Miribeth

    Explorer's Log, 4.20.17

    April 17, 2018 by Miribeth

    Originally posted April 20, 2017

    Explorer's Log:

    The Great Glitch no longer dogs every move in the game, but I remain concerned that all is not right in the Mansion.  Time seems not to flow freely -- it weaves back and forth in mysterious ways, pooling oddly.  In several rooms, it seems to be Halloween all the time; in others, Christmas.

    The cats in the various rooms continue to ignore the assorted rodents and reptiles, which ignore each other.  I have turned my attention to the birds, to see if anything can be learned from their migratory patterns.  I suspect that the "dove" in the Palatial Office, which is actually a pigeon, and the "pigeon" in the Illusionist's Room, which is actually a dove, may be sneaking back and forth via Venice.  I a…

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  • Miribeth

    Explorer's Log, 4.10.17

    April 17, 2018 by Miribeth

    Originally posted April 10, 2017

    Explorer's Log:

    This weekend, I traveled in time.  Yes, I breached the barriors that separate past, present, and future, and plunged into the unknown!  I traveled ahead in time to see what lies before us -- a whole week ahead!

    Attend the startling discovery:  in the future, we will have tables with pictures on them!

    No sign of jet-packs or interplanetary travel.  Maybe I should try going forward farther?  Would two weeks be enough?

    Returning to the present, I discovered that I really do NOT want to click on my desktop award blingies whilst in the future.  Very, very bad move.  My collector trophy will recharge in another 135 hours or so.  Yay.

    On a brighter note, I have gained access to the Tropical Evening.  Am …

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  • Miribeth

    Originally posted April 5, 2017

    Explorer’s Log:

    O, how cursèd is fate!  A few glorious hours of freedom, of companionship, of the delightful sight of my friends’ tables and Wish Lists, and again it is snatched from my grasp!  WILL THIS TORMENT NEVER END?  At this rate, I shall be driven to such extremes as, as – having a life!

    Already, as the days advance, I begin to resume normal eating and sleeping habits, denied the opportunity to stay up until all hours gifting.  I think I even had a nutritious meal yesterday.  Possibly more than one.  And a good night's sleep.  At night!

    During the respites, when the Great Glitch Field Effect subsides and the doors to my isolation cell swing open again, I wonder if the insidious rot has somehow affected t…

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  • Miribeth

    Originally posted March 30, 2017

    Explorer's Log:

    Day Six.  Still in isolation.  The halls of the Mansion echo, empty and dusty.  Dust bunnies gather on the handsome carpets.  G5 released a patch today, but it made no difference.  Patches these days aren't a patch on what they used to be.  I have sewn the patch onto my patchwork quilt.

    I won my Aviator's Balloon yesterday!  Tried sending it to G5 with a message summoning help, but it only drifted sideways and landed back on the table.  Will use it for a paperweight instead.

    No success taming the rats.  Have switched to reptiles.  The tortoise from Buddha’s Square and the turtle from Treasure Island both learned “Sit”, “Stay”, and “Play Dead” very quickly.  The frog from the Night Garden hasn’t …

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  • Miribeth

    Originally posted March 29, 2017

    Dear Diary,

    Day Five.  Still in isolation.  Occasional odd creaks and groans can be heard from outside.  Moss grows on the inner walls and stray lines of code hang down from the ceiling, gathering dust.  The G5 blogger stops by daily to assure me that “we are aware of the problem and it is being worked on.”  THEY MOCK MY SORROW.  Oh, the tears.

    Went out to dinner last night.  Considered trying to connect with my server.  Left her a nice tip instead. 

    Rumour has it that players on Windows can reach the server.  My cell has no windows.  Sob.

    Steady diet of cappuccino, ice cream, donuts and energy drinks is prrobbbbababaly havving a badd effect on my nnerrrrves.  On the plus side, my stock of Power items is buildin…

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  • Miribeth

    Originally posted March 28, 2017

    This set of posts was started when the G5 servers were down for almost a week.  I decided to collect them all in one location, with an eye to possibly continuing the series.

    Dear Diary,

    Day Four in my isolation cell.  Still no response from the servers.  Have tried tapping on the walls and banging on the pipes.  Occasionally, I hear hurdy-gurdy lullabyes echoing in the distance.  Does this mean anything?

    How I miss seeing my desktop awards with golden sparkles.  Somehow, the white just doesn't satisfy the deep longings of my heart.  I gaze upon the avatars of my friends and sigh over their empty Wish Lists, hoping they too are enduring the loneliness.

    Am trying to pass the time by playing Gem Match repeatedly, w…

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  • Jo285

    Puppy Love

    April 8, 2018 by Jo285

    Now's my chance to improve my picture-loading abilities. Here are the pictures that I have so far of the litter from which one puppy will likely come home with me next month. These are the pictures provided on the breeder's fb page, Canadian Doodle Puppies.

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  • Meterman80

    Event Quests (wiki link: timed challenges)
    As of April 2018, when these pictures are opened, new players will no longer be presented with the 'challenge quests' to search for and assemble these items into collections. 
    However, the items in the following collections will still be awarded randomly by the game for investigating the various pictures and solving puzzles, and may in some cases be assembled into an artefact.

    Event: Halloween 2013 / opened with picture: Witch's Hut
    Halloween mood, Halloween decorations, Halloween fuss, Halloween facade

    Event: Christmas 2013 / opened with picture: Christmas Eve
    Christmas decorations, Symbols of the holidays, Christmas delicacy, Irreplaceable assistants, Christmas hero

    Event: Valentine's 2014 / opened wi…

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  • Meterman80

    After a very confusing mess of quests presented up to level 50, the game then settles into a pattern of starting a new string of quests every few levels. The specific level where the quests are introduced still needs to be double-checked in many cases, however.

    Level 50:
    Sushi mania, Wonders of the world, Sights of Seoul, Exotic fruits, Exotic vegetables

    Level 52:
    London gentleman, Great chieftain, Hockey equipment, Military uniform, Space traveler, Beautiful birds, Birds of prey

    Level 54:
    Birds of prey, Wild cats, Miniature animals, Naturalist's collection, Spice rack, Hair accessories, Coquette's toilette, Famous diamonds, Corners of the universe, Knights of the Middle Ages, Unhappy wives, Fairy maids, Cool drinks

    Level 56:
    Convenient boxes, Uni…

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  • Meterman80

    The earlier quests:

    Newer players may be quickly overwhelmed by quests, as both opening pictures and reaching new levels will spawn quests, and it is this fact that causes players' lists of quests to spiral out of control and for people's diary pages to get out of order. If you are seeking to tame your list of quests, start here - you may find you may be closer to cleaning out a few quests than you think.

    Level 1: 
    Complete Buddha's Square / Banker's Treasure, Chess Pieces, Wisdom of the Library, Crowns of the World, A set of Toy Soldiers

    Level 1: 
    Add items to Wish List

    Level 3: 
    Find pieces of Throne Room

    Level 3: 
    Find pieces of Pipes puzzle, then solve Blocks once

    Level 3: 
    Tutorial - Energy items (cappuccino)

    Level 4: 
    General quest - developing s…

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  • Meterman80

    One common cause for comment among SSHM players is a desire to reduce the number of quests on their desktop (in fact, my desire to reduce the number of quests from the 27 I had led me here to this wiki; I am now sitting at 11 quests and do not expect to get much higher than that going forward).

    Also, the order in which the game issues pages for your player's diary is dictated by gathering certain collections, opening pictures, or completing certain challenge quests.

    If you are one of those players wishing to reduce the number of quests on your desktop, you have come to the right place. However, there are just as many high-level players that actually say the game becomes different once all the available quests are completed, so choose your pa…

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  • MDbugs

    Blocking Edit

    April 3, 2018 by MDbugs

    These guidelines apply to all members and anon posters.

    • Blocking is a tool used to prevent harm to the wiki and/or it's user
    • Admins are not to use admin tools to settle any dispute they are involved in. 

    Comments and discussions in the Forum, on Message Walls and Profile pages are accessible to the Internet. User conduct reflects on the Secret Society - Hidden Mystery wiki and the user.

    Behaviors that cause harm to the wiki and/or it's users  include but are not limited to: (this is the short list)

    Vandalism, Spam; (define vandalism, spam)

    Abuse, Harassment, Personal Attacks: (define )


    Violations of FANDOM'S Terms of Use, Terms of Service

    Violations of any of the Secret Society - Hidden Mystery Policies and guidelines

    A user may b…

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  • Colobluesky

    Be a Friend

    March 30, 2018 by Colobluesky

    I am amazed at times at the changes I see in the world, and then at other times dismayed. I get particularly dismayed at how little has changed when it comes to female discourse. This was recently brought home to me when I learned of my seven-year-old granddaughter’s struggle with a classmate.

    I was reminded of the time her mother, who was about the same age as her daughter is now, came home from the swimming pool with a sad, tearful face. When questioned about her mood she revealed how a girl had hurt her feelings by not reciprocating her greetings. She said, ”Mom, I said hi to her seven times and she didn't say hi to me once.” While acknowledging her hurt, I rhetorically asked her why she would say hi to someone seven times. I said, ”Hone…

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  • Goathouse

    Two Blue

    March 28, 2018 by Goathouse

    Credit to Carol Hagan for "Moonshine",

    On Saturday, the 31st March, we get to experience the second Blue Moon this year. Double Blue Moons happen only about 3-5 times in a CENTURY! This month is also called the Crow Moon, by Native Americans, the last full moon of winter.

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  • 4solace

    What happened to keeping things on the down low? I am talking about all the fabulous things that certain tech savvy friends are capable of, whether it has to do with gifts, puzzles, transfers, or whatever.

    When I first came to this site, there was hardly ever posts like I am seeing in profusion now. There was a reason, well several actually, for this.

    This is not intended to scold or anything, but to simply inform and teach.

    I was thinking that maybe with the influx of new people, no one has explained this to everyone. There were several people who set me straight when I put a huge thank you and was very specific post out when I was a newbie here. They did it kindly and explained why. I immediately set out to remedy the situation and have tak…

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