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This brief guide is designed to help new players add friends in the game.

Note: The Facebook version of The Secret Society: Hidden Mystery does not use the same Friend system as the stand-alone applications. It uses the list of your Facebook friends instead, but only the ones who play the game on Facebook.

Friends Section and Adding Friends Edit

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To access the Friends section of the game press the ‘Friends' icon on the bottom right hand side of your home desktop. There are 6 tabs in total in the box that opens.

There are two main ways of making friends in the game - using codes to add particular players or using the in-built random invite system. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but for the most part exchanging codes with other players in places such as the Friend Code Exchange board on the Forum here or on other websites/communities for the game seems to be the most effective way of doing it. The biggest advantage of using codes is that it gives you the opportunity to talk to the players you make friends with, which helps in finding people with similar game playing habits.

1) Adding Friends by Code: Edit

Open the Friends section by tapping on the Friends Icon on bottom right hand side of your Home Desktop when you are playing the game.

Go to the 'Add by Code' tab (number 5 on Friends page).


'Add by Code' tab in the Friends section of the game

Press the green 'Invite' button in the 'Invitation code' box on the left hand side and a 6-digit code will be displayed. This is your current invite code, which other people can use to invite you to be their friend. Post it here or on online forums for the game so people can use it. You can also tell it directly to people you know are playing the game. Once they invite you, you will have to accept their invite before you become friends.

Alternatively, in the 'Invitation from friend' box on the right hand side, press the green 'Enter' button and a keyboard will appear allowing you to type in the 6-digit code posted by other players, either here or on other forums for the game or in real life. Once you invite someone, the player appears in your Waiting room and you will have to wait until they accept your invite before you become friends.

Note: One code only works for 4-5 uses, then it expires and a new friend code is automatically generated, so you have to keep checking your own code to make sure it hasn't changed, and don't get disparaged if many of the codes you try don't work - they get used up very, very quickly when they're out in the public, so if you aren't one of the first 4 people to see a post with a code then chances are you won't be able to use it. You will get a "you have entered an incorrect code" message if a code has expired or if you are already friends with that player. Checking your own code even multiple times does not make it expire.

2) Adding friends by random Invite System: Edit

Every 8 hours, the game generates 6 random people who could be potential friends. You will find them in the 'Invite' tab of the Friends section (number 2 on friends page). You can press 'Visit' to to see their progress in the game, but you cannot charge their Home Desktop until you become friends. Pressing 'Add' will send a friend request to that person. Once you invite someone, the player appears in your Waiting room and you will have to wait until they accept your invitation before you become friends.

If you wish, you can get another 6 potential friends without waiting if you press 'Add more friends.' However, it will cost you 4 crystals.

Accepting Invitations Edit

Once you have invited someone, or they have invited you, there is still another step that must be completed before they appear on your friends list. The invitee must accept the invitation (or they can also reject it).

Open the Friends section of the game again.

Go to the 'Waiting' tab (number 3 on friends page). Here you will see all the people you have invited to be friends, along with all the people who have sent you invitations.

a) if you invited someone to be friends they will appear in your waiting room until either they accept or reject your invitation. There is nothing you can do here. Once they accept your invitation, they will automatically be added to your Friends list. If they reject the invitation, they will automatically disappear from the Waiting Room. You may cancel your own friend request by pressing the 'x' in the corner of the invitation.

b) if someone else invited you to be friends, they will also appear in your Waiting Room. But they will have two buttons under their name/info. There is a green 'Accept' button and a red 'Reject' button. If you press Accept then they will be automatically added to your friends list (and will disappear from the Waiting Room). If you press Reject then they will not be added to your friends list (and will disappear from the Waiting Room). They will not be notified that you rejected their request, but you will also disappear from their Waiting Room.

Where to find new friends online using codes Edit

Below are just some of the many active online communities that facilitate the exchange of friend codes between players who are looking to make new game friends. This list is not meant to be exhaustive but a good starting point for new players who would like to increase their number of friends:


Friend Code ExchangeEdit

Please do not post your Invite Code here on this page.  Instead, please use this Forum Board: Friend Code Exchange. You can easily add your friends code by starting a Discussion there.


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